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    Default Pre-Release Pics

    Hello, all. So, looking closely at the new pics on the US Pokemon X&Y website, I've noticed two things that are pretty interesting.

    Number 1: Female Trainer with different hair, and without her hat
    By now, everyone's seen the Female Trainer's picture, but just for reference here it is:

    Okay, so in the BG of one of the images on the website, there's a shot of her with no hat that makes it seem as though her hair's up in a ponytail.

    A zoomed-in shot:

    We know that Trainer customization is going to be a feature in the new games, as far as skin tone, eyes & hair are concerned, but the may be an example of wardrobe customization, as well as show that the hairstyle can be changed as well.
    Before anyone says it, I do realize that the girl in this pic is prolly in an NPC roll, but if her in-game model can be changed as such, there's no reason to think that PCs wouldn't be able to do the same.

    The second one may be more interesting. Okay, here's Gogoat:

    In one of the pics, there's a shot of what I believe to be a pair of the Pre-Evolution of Gogoat.

    Here they are zoomed in:

    Their color palate is identical to Gogoat, down to the red at the ankles, but they're nowhere near big enough to be sitting/kneeling Gogoats (especially when you take into account the size of the people who are further back in the shot), and additionally they lack the long horns. Are these "Gokids"?

    Anyway, what do you think? Am I on to something?

    EDIT, 12:42 PM
    So, crap, it seems that I'm like half a day too late in noticing Gogoat's pre-evo, and now nobody will care that I noticed this on my own. Sorry for getting all excited and posting this.
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