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    Pokemon Black & White (only):
    hello there, my name is Jake and before telling you what this is about id like to share something with you. once when i was a boy in Pokemon Fire Red i caught a shiny Caterpie in like the first 20 minutes of game-play i was so excited that i dropped my game boy shutting it of and i forgot to save my game, worst day ever...aha

    so back to the topic i have some pokrus infected Pokemon. in case you did not know pokrus doubles the amount of EVs your Pokemon gets but i don't have time to explain the dynamics of POKEMON so it is a VERY rare status you can catch on your Pokemon by defeating a Pokemon you is indeed infected with pokrus, i am not sure of the exact ratio but i do know that you have the equivalent of 1/3 of the ratio to get a shiny Pokemon!. i have breed a dozen infected snivy's so i can trade them to people in exchange for a legendary Pokemon or any other Pokemon of interest. also i name my infected Pokemon pkrs or pokrus to let you know they are indeed infected... we can discuss the trading over forums.

    if you are interested my friend code is:

    P.S. there are ways to infect your other pokemon with this (good)infection so don't ask me to infect a particular Pokemon and trade it to you.(:
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    Default Re: pokerus trading?

    Please take this to the trade section.


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