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    Default Pokemon X and Y Shiny Pokemon

    What this thread is about:
    Okay, so there are a couple of threads about shinies, but they have about 1,000 or so comments on them.
    So I've created a NEW thread so we can start off fresh.

    Some ground rules:

    1) Gen. 6 (X/Y) encounters ONLY!
    2) Legit encounters ONLY ( Breeding is Okay)
    3) NO posting ads selling/buying shinies. There is another thread for that

    What to to:

    Step 1: Post the name of the pokemon
    Step 2: Gender, Nickname (If there is one), and Lvl
    Step 3: What was your reaction? Were you looking for shinies?
    Step 4: Post a picture (Optional)

    Now lets here your stories!

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    Default Re: Pokemon X and Y Shiny Pokemon

    A new thread for shiny encounters is not needed. Please use this existing thread:The Shiny Encounters Thread.



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