Hi. First off, sorry if this is in the wrong place, I wasn't sure where to post it. Plus I only recently got back on the forums, so I'm a bit turned around. If it's in the wrong place, someone please move it to the correct location.

Anyway, an idea was nagging me for some time tonight so I had to get it out. Ever since Black/White came to be, I was starting to wonder what the future holds. So, instead, I looked at what was currently in front of me. I looked into the moves and abilities of many Pokemon, possibly hinting later teams and such. Anyway, while doing so, some things struck me as odd. Why are certain Pokemon given certain moves and/or abilities? My topic to all of you is this: If you were the creators of certain Pokemon, moves, and/or abilities, where do you think they should go? I'll give examples of my own mindset below.

Braviary: Judging by Braviary's dex data, it's a valiant warrior of the skies, fighting no mater how bad the injuries. I looked at its abilities: Keen Eye, Sheer Force, and the Hidden Ability Defiant. Now, Sheer Force and Defiant seem to fit the bill well, but Keen Eye doesn't feel that way to me. Sure, eagles have great eyesight, but considering it fights without regard to injury, I thought that Guts would've been better. Guts increases its Attack in a massive way when inflicted with a status ailment, so wouldn't that seem to hold true to its dex data more than Keen Eye? Don't you think that if Braviary had access to Guts instead, it would be not only more fitting to its description, but make it more useful for the players to catch and train? I mean, a Bravairy hit with a status ailment would get its oomph power juiced up major time, pretty much making the ailment redundant. Swellow has Guts, so why shouldn't a Pokemon who is at least equal in bravery and determination get the same treatment?

Another bit on Braviary is learning moves to match its power. It can learn a nice chunk of moves like Rock Slide, Shadow Ball, Superpower, and with the Move Tutors in play, Roost and Sky Attack. A move I thought would be good for Braviary (and I hoped the Move Tutors would teach it, but sad to see they didn't) is Close Combat. Like Staraptor before it, Close Combat on a Normal/Flying-type adds great coverage AND a move that won't outright hinder it. Unlike Staraptor, who was a bit lacking in defense, Braviary is a bit more beefed up there, so the slight loss of Defense/Sp Defense won't severely cripple it. Combine in either Defiant or Guts (if it had it), it could really be a game changer when its Attack is supped up from either of those abilities. It would make Braviary one top contender. Or at least give it a move that can deal massive damage when needed, like a last-ditch. Plus, it would cover its weaknesses to Ice and Rock (Superpower does that, too, but I think Close Combat would be more "appropriate", so to speak).

Close Combat in general should've been part of the Move Tutors. Other Pokemon like Emboar, Conkledurr, Krookodile, and Darmanitan could really benefit from such a move, since they mostly rely on attacking hard and fast to begin with.

Anyway, I'd post more, but my brain is starting to slow down. Next up is what you have to say: What moves and/or Abilities would you have made available to what Pokemon, and for what reason. Happy posting.