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Thread: Pokemon Evolution and Formes

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    Default Pokemon Evolution and Formes

    I was wondering about what they could do to evolution and formes, and the differences between the two. I really like evolution better than formes because formes uses a key item to activate, and if you somehow lose the item, no one can help you.
    I was hoping you guys could give me some opinions since I'm new.
    I am a Porygon fanatic. I also live in a Laboratory, on a remote island, (New island) where all I eat and drink is: Donut Crumbs, Pokemon food scraps, Magikarp, Coffee Dust, Poorly filtered sewage, and the occasional useless Pokemon that (CLASSIFIED) has too many of. (Mostly Bidoof) I'm here with several other scientists, but we aren't allowed to talk. We each have a personal warden.The metal doors to our laboratories never open. Sometimes we are transported to (CLASSIFIED) facilities. HELP ME!

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    Default Re: Pokemon Evolution and Formes

    I think evolution is most important for Pokemon. Forms have some benefits though; they give you a possibility to choose how your Pokemon should look like and what stats it should have.

    That some species have different forms isn't very strange, especially if they live in different areas. They are like creatures who have not evolved into different species, but rather variations of the same species, which is interesting. Maybe some forms can be rarer than others.

    That a Pokemon can change from one form to another, however, sounds like something that should not occur very often. There should be some exceptions, like Deoxys, who can even regenerate itself, but I don't think many Pokemon should have this ability, because they arn't Transformers after all, they're Pokemon.

    But then, what really is the difference between evolutions and forms? The forms have the same name, while the evolutions have not. But why should a Pokemon that grows and matures be given a different name while a form is not? Why don't some Pokemon keep their names when they grow? Is an evolution of a Pokemon a new species altogether, and if so, why? While thinking of this, I also wonder if some Pokemon with gender differences are different species too, like Latias and Latios.
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