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    I just got Pokemon White last Wednesday, and I can say it was more than I expected. My friend insists he's underwhelmed, but I found the new games amazing, especially the new 3-D rendering. I picked Oshawott, due to my lack of picking anything other than a grass starter for most of the other regions. The beginning of the game was rather easy, other than Cheren, one of the only trainers I ever lost to. I liked Team Plasma due to the fact that they actually were confident, unlike some of the Pokemon Ranger teams. That didn't, however, stop them from being stupid fools. That wasn't too redundant, was it? They made the first gym leader, for me, Cilan, all TOO easy, considering they basically just handed me the Pokemon I needed to beat him with. When I was done with that, I moved on to the next town.

    All right, I hate normal types. But the gym was easy. Also, when the battle was over, I went and got myself a Roggenrola, the next permanent member of my team. We met Burgh, who we later find out is pretty much the WORST gym leader EVER. After beating him, my Roggenrola evolved into a Boldore, and later into a Gigalith after a trade.

    The next gym was a decent challenge at first, but fell pretty quickly to my Gigalith. With the next badge at hand, I kicked Cheren's butt (again!) and headed off towards Mistralton City, where I caught a Vanillish and stopped some more weak Team Plasma grunts. I mean, their logo is cool, but every single one of them has either a Woobat, a Scraggy, a Patrat, or sometimes, a Trubbish. (Huzzah!) Clay, admittedly, took quite a few tries to beat, as his Excadrill proved to be a pain in the butt for most of my team. Eventually, he went down, and I headed up towards the next city, where I would battle Skyla for the Jet Badge.

    With two members of my team that were super effective on flying (Gigalith and Vanillish, now evolved) the gym was really easy. I went to Iccirus City for the 7th badge, and after beating it with my Darmanitan, Team Plasma decided to be annoying again. This time, they weren't a challenge, but they took FOREVER. The cutscene with N was kind of cool, though. You probably realized that until now, I haven't really talked about N. The reason is that I found him kind of weak every time I battled him. I really actually felt sorry for him, especially in the end of the game. So, next I went to Opelucid City to find information about Zekrom, but instead I had to battle the Gym Leader. (Go figure.) I beat Iris with my Vannilish, and got the Legend Badge! Yay! I went to go to Victory Road, battled a bunch of trainers, and beat Cheren again. Victory Road was a pain in the butt, until I figured out what I needed to do. I thought the gates were kind of cool, and besides, I caught a Bouffalant. AFRO BREAK! The Elite Four was hard for me, but that's because my team at the team was...

    Level 45 Samurott

    Level 46 Darmanitan

    Absolute 0
    Level 45 Vanillish

    Level 44 Fraxure

    Level 41 Ferrothorn

    Level 47 Gigalith

    I think I was a little underleveled, but I did fine on all of them except for Marshall, who took a few tries. When I got to Zekrom, I decided to get a good nature for it, for EVs. The only problem is this. After fighting Zekrom, you immediately have to fight N. After that, you immediately have to fight Ghetsis. I made sure that I let Zekrom die on both, so he wouldn't get experience, but I still got stuck with a stupid Relaxed nature and wasted my Master Ball on Zekrom because the game ended after I had a little "talk" with N. Turns out after all, Ghetsis just turned him into a little twisted child. I really DO feel sorry for that guy. Otherwise, I wouldn't have let him keep Reshiram.

    I has claimed Vanilluxe, Pursuit, Eccentric, Escape Button, and Blake Hall.

    I'm GLaDOS 2.0 on Smogon.

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    Default Re: Pokemon Black/White Analysis

    I dont want to sound mean, but this'll probably get locked.

    "The Diaries of Black and White" or something is a cool thread for updates like these though :)

    EDIT: Found it :) The Diaries of Black and White
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