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    so im new to this, i got a level 1 jolly chimchar i want to put 252 Evs in Attack and 252 in Speed. If i add the proteins and Carbos then ill have to get only 152 Ev's in each stat. i got pokerus and also have the power brace and anklet brace but ive been ev training and to no avail.

    according to my calculations i need to battle (im using gyarados and seaking) 12.6666667 of gyarados and seakings to max out attack

    and 15.2 magikarps to max out speed

    BUT!!! i have done this and the lady at Sunyshore still says my poke needs to work harder meaning they arent maxed out as they should be what am i doing wrong? i did also add the remainding 4 Evs but still do i have the brace + pokerus formula wrong or what?

    i see it as this Ev(s)+4(from brace) x2 (from pokerus)

    in other words i see it as 12 Evs per gyarados /seaking fight

    and 10 Evs from each magikarp fight

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    Default Re: Please!! help

    use the simple question thread!!!!!!!!!!
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