Me and some Local friends have decided for Black and White we are not going to use any help from any strategy guides or online resources (yes including Bulbapedia!).

Its been mega fun and mega hard. Most of us are longtime vets and we wanted to pay tribute to when we first started playing before there was so much help along and you just sorta picked Pokemon by how cool they looked to you.

Ive been playing for stats for the last 2 gens and doing it this way is very refreshing I've forgotten how much it was like not knowing when something evolves what moves it learns and when.

Also our battling has been a treat since we are just using Pokemon we like and not for stats or movesets. Since we cant use external help we have to rely on our selves so we've had many a night so far eating pizza and watching movies while playing Pokemon and pointing out tips and tricks we've found out while playing.

Its been a long journey and I have 8 badges so I'm almost done and use help, but its been fun. I've picked a few stinkers along the way but I'm happy with my team because of the way I picked them. Almost like how the way Pokemon feels like its supposed to be played!

If any of you have played gen 5 like this share your experiences with us we'd be interested to hear your stories as well!