Ohh my little Keldeo!
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    Why is keldeo banned from WiFi? Hes just like the other musketeers statswise. Is his shallow movepool OP or something? The only things that I could see that might be overpowered about it are focus blast and secret sword. Is there any hope of him being unbanned in the future?
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    Ehh, Nintendo has weird rules about banning legendary Pokemon. Usually none of the trios of Pokemon are banned (think legendary birds, legendary dogs, etc) for being the "weaker" types of legendaries. Keldeo just happened to be mashed into the category of the "stronger" legendaries, which happen to appear at the end of the Pokedex, hence why he is banned. I really don't think there's any hope of him being unbanned, as Nintendo has never done anything like that before.

    It really makes no sense power-wise, because some weaker Pokemon like Manaphy are on the list as well... Nintendo just had to come up with a somewhat reasonable standard for their banlist.

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    I really think it's banned because it's somewhat stronger and it's only obtainable via event.

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    It's because it's an event exclusive. I'm not sure why those are banned, but that's how it is.


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