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    His parents are probably dead. From what, though? An accident? Disease? Disaster? It wouldn't be out of character for Ghetsis to have pulled a Voldemort and murdered them.

    While this happened, N must have been a toddler and was pretty much ignored and stumbled alone in the forest. His savant skill of talking to Pokemon helped him.

    I think Anthea and Concordia came from a different family with a much more civilized household. The question is, who did Ghetsis take in first? Was he raising the girls for a while before he found N, or did he take them just to be babysitters?

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    I have always believed that Ghetsis genuinely is N's real father. The scenes between the two of them in both BW and BW2 seem too personal for Ghetsis for him to have randomly adopted a feral boy from the woods. Ghetsis believes he is perfect and intended to raise N to be perfect too, but his failure and Ghetsis's subsequent breakdown... the whole thing feels both distant yet familiar at the same time. I just think that in the moment N finally referred to Ghetsis as "father" he didn't deny it. It's all very complicated but for some reason I don't think Ghetsis was lying when he told N he was his father.

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