Newtwo - Have veteran fans lost their mind?

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Thread: Newtwo - Have veteran fans lost their mind?

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    Default Newtwo - Have veteran fans lost their mind?

    So, apparently, Newmew is indeed Newtwo - Mewtwo's alternate form.

    There are veteran fans who're prepared to declare the franchise dead, because Gamefreak have tempered with past material.. Wait, what?
    Okay, ignoring the usual tendencies of rejecting newer Pokemon, based entirely on design, even though Newtwo looks more like a legitimate member of the Mew family, than Mewtwo itself does..

    Do these veteran fans remember anything? At all?

    Mewtwo is easily the most tragic character of the franchise, it's quite heartbreaking - Parted from it's mother, tempered with, and born abnormal, having to endure horrific experiments. I'm not certain about this, but I believe the character entered a bit of a retirement from appearances, excluding a few cameos? Having been born abnormal, totally distant in physiology to it's species.. And now, a decade later, it's returned.. In the form of it's mother, it's species.

    I feel as if I'm the only one who gazes at this new form with a lump in my throat, and an overpowering sense of empathy.
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    Default Re: Newtwo - Have veteran fans lost their mind?

    Just read about it... and I have mixed emotions lol, quite a lot of them...
    I think the design is ok, and I'm not a genwunner at all don't get me wrong, but I think Gamefreak are bound to make mistakes... this MAYBE being one of them, but then again it takes me a while to warm to new Pokémon (I'm still warming to Sylveon and we don't even know it's type yet) lol.
    It's not that us older fans don't like the new Mewtwo form, and that we are genwunners, it's that we must adapt I guess...
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    Default Re: Newtwo - Have veteran fans lost their mind?

    There's already a thread to discuss Mewtwo.


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