The new Mewto-like Pokemon, Espurr.

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Thread: The new Mewto-like Pokemon, Espurr.

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    Default The new Mewto-like Pokemon, Espurr.

    Information that I have gathered about this Pokemon so far:

    I caught it on Route 6, South west of the Palace, I don't know if it's the only place where it can be caught. The encounter rate seems to be pretty low: I encountered it only 2 times out of over 30.

    It evolves into Meowstic at lvl 25.

    Its two abilities are Keen Eye and the far superior Infiltrator.

    Upon evolving, my male Mewostic learned Miracle Eye, whereas my female learned Extrasensory. So I'm suspecting that there are major gender differences (perhaps the male is more supportive/defensive whereas the female is more offensive?). Just an hypothesis here, I will have to level it up to a higher level to figure out if this is true.

    Also, another evidence for the gender differences is that my male a higher sp. def and def, but lower sp. atk and atk, and vice versa for my female. And this in spite of the fact that my male has an Adamant nature, and the female a Lax one.
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    Default Re: The new Mewto-like Pokemon, Espurr.

    This would be better as a blog entry, feel free to post it there, but I dont think this needs it's own thread.



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