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Thread: New battle structure to make Pokémon stronger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tendou Soujirou View Post
    * Support Abilities: Apart from their own Abilities, each Species would have one unique "Support Ability" which would help the Pokemon they're linked to that's currently battling. Some Abilities activate automatically, some activate by chance (and the chance would raise based on Bond Level). For example, a Flying-Pokemon could have a "Lift" ability which grants their partner immunity from Ground-based attacks. Or, a Pokemon could have a "Block" ability, where on occasion they take the force of the attack for their partner.
    Yes, please.

    *Stats Boosts: As the Bond Level increases, the Pokemon give each other small stat boosts. I was thinking at 25%, 50%, and 75% they give their partners stat bonuses, based on their third, second, and then first strongest stat, perhaps calculated based on their Base Stats.
    This should be independent of the EV system. That is to say, Pokémon should have higher stats thanks to this feature, as implied by Ishihara and Masuda. But it might be better to have the trainer be the deciding factor of the stat boosts; different trainers would have different qualities that would make their Pokémon stronger in specific stats.

    Some Pokémon should be able to bond more effectively than others. Those Pokémon would benefit from more substantial stat boosts. I also think that the bond between two Pokémon should allow them to teach each other compatible moves.

    *Bond Strike: When Pokemon reach 100%, their Bond is established and they gain access to a Bond Strike fills up whenever one of them is in battle, and, when filled, the trainer can initiate a Bond Strike, which allows them to choose an attack of the Pokemon currently out, then an attack of their Bond partner. The first one attacks when their turn occurs, then they switch in the same turn to the other Pokemon, who attacks once more with their attack. The Bond Strike Bar would empty after each match, and wouldn't fill too fast, so it would be sort of a "last-resort" option when facing strong bosses. Of course, the CPU could do it too, with some of the tougher trainers strategically bonding Pokemon to use against you.
    I am not sure about this one. For one thing, the use should be limited to once per battle; what happens after the battle is irrelevant. But even then, the combination of support abilities and Bond Strike might be going overboard.

    When they max out the Bond Bar, I was thinking they could perhaps gain a special "boost" to their stats as long as the Bond Bar is maxed out. Nothing extreme, but a few points added to each stat. Of course, this could be disabled for competitive play.
    In Player vs. Player matches, you can play classic, or play with the Bond System on, adding a new realm of strategy as players will want to find good combinations based on stat bonuses and support abilities.
    Any new battle structure should not be an optional feature. Look at the Wonder Launcher: How many people actually use it?
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    Default Re: New battle structure to make Pokémon stronger

    There are very many changes promised with this release...I'm more scared of what that could mean than anxious.
    The bonds system are to affect the pokemon's growth right?
    I'm both afraid and I hope that it won't be too easy and zealous to use, given how Pokemon producers love children...

    Otherwise it will end as a bs game that's rather a spinoff to the series than a serious 6 Gen poke game; I really hope it won't.

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    Default Re: New battle structure to make Pokémon stronger

    The only thing I can think of is the already existing "Happiness" mechanic somehow boosting the stats.

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