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    alright, so i just wanna hear opinions on this. it might be dumb to some, its a personal thing. and abit of a story but its on my mind since Black 2 is comming soon.

    the signifigance of this comes from abit of my pokemon history. my first pokemon game, technically, was good old yellow. however, it was a hand me down. from my cousin i think. it was beaten, and i was hesitant as a child to erase that. my first real game was a shiny new silver version from a friend. he helped me get started, and dubbed my character MAX. not entirely sure why, neither of us even knew a person named max. but since then, i have always named my character max, with one and only one acception. As max was my silver character first, max has never started in kanto. i dont know why i didnt in the remakes when i was little, i guess it just didnt feel right. max is not Red.

    the point of this? i am thinking about it, and considering wether or not to name Ebony (black 2) max or not. Max wasnt Red, he beat Red on mt silver. And max has already been through unova as Black.

    no hate. ik its coming. but this is important to me. i just wanna hear some thoughts on my stupid story :P
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    Default Re: name to remember

    I think this would be more appropriate as a blog post, so I'll close this.

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