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Thread: Mrs. Mime?

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    Yeah and at least let the ms mime have girl hair...

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    The only way we can get a "Mrs./Ms./Miss Mime" is if Game Freak makes an exclusively female mime (for some reason) and Nintendo of America happens to call it that.

    I have no idea why Game Freak would take the first step since, as mentioned before, Japan doesn't have a Pokemon named "Mr. Mime."

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    Everyone needs to know that once upon a time there was a Mrs mime and her name now is jynx. Jynx and Mr. Mime used to have a happy marriage with a lot of mime Jr. and smoochum running around. One day their happy days crashed around them when Mr. Mime found out that his beloved was seeing electabuzz and magmar behind his back. Which is why there is no Mrs. Mime today.

    We will more see a pokemon called Mime Sr. before a new Mrs. Mime.

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