Hello, I'm new to this site and forgive me if this is the wrong fourm or something.

I'm looking for someone to play Pokemon with and they would preferably have a 5th gen game.

Here are the qualities I'm looking for:

Needs to be around my age (11-13)
Needs to be someone who dosen't hack or cheat

I've been playing Pokemon just about all my life, but I've only been playing Black 2 for a few weeks. I've finished the game, but I spend most of my time breeding and training Pokemon.

Here's most of my team:

Genesect Lv. 86
Emboar Lv. 49
(Shiny) Luxray Lv. 45
Zoroark Lv. 35
Lucario Lv. 43
Infernape Lv. 37
Espeon Lv. 44
Glaceon Lv. 31
Kyurem Lv. 71

...yes, I know my team sucks but anyway anyone who's interested please reply

FC: 2838 8251 3280