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    Have you ever made any elaborate trades on the GTS?

    For example, a couple weeks ago I traded a Spoink for a lv. 100 Scizor for a lv. 100 Lucario for a shiny Absol.

    And last night I traded a Slugma for a Garchomp for a Kingdra for a Dragonite for a lv. 100 female Lucario for a shiny Fraxure.

    What kind of trades have you made?

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    The longest I've done was a legendary tradeback chain. Random Pokémon for a legendary for the next legendary and so on until the last legendary, then I get my random Pokémon back. Of course, that's just one set and doesn't count the permanent trades also included in that.
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    Default Re: Long trades

    I wanted a Zorua from the GTS so I had to breed my Serperier and hatch the egg, trade it for an Oshawott and then trade the Oshawott for the Zorua. Not that long but eh It's my longest.

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    Default Re: Long trades

    When I delivered a lot of Pokémon to someone, we each traded 15ish Pokémon. Most of mine I gave were either bred Pokémon or extra DWFs, and I got some pre-Gen V starters in the deal.

    That's the most elaborate trade I ever made.

    Edit: As for GTS, they're usually not too complicated for me, except if it requires breeding. Rarely, I have to look for the one that the person wants.
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    Default Re: Long trades

    I've traded over several dozen Pokemon from Sapphire to XD: Gale of Darkness to Emerald when I was starting a game on my Sapphire. x_x I can't think of doing any elaborate trades in gen 4 or 5. Maybe 12 max in one sitting? Never any chain-trading on the GTS. :c
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    Default Re: Long trades

    I once did a chain trade that involved something like five different Pokemon, all of them Legendaries. The final Legend was traded off to get a shiny Golurk. So yeah, I've done it before and I'll do it whenever necessary. (Usually when it involves a shiny Automaton or a DW Golett.)

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