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    Default A little announcement about Let's Plays

    Hello Everynyan!
    Over the last few weeks, the video game staff have been sat at the long table in our secret, underground evil-planning lair, trying to decide what to do about the subject of Let's Play videos. Several ideas were thrown around and we have come to a conclusion:

    Let's Plays will now be allowed to be posted in the Video Games section. However, there will be rules relating to them:
    1) We discourage the use and discussion of ROMs, so any videos that have any obvious signs of being played on a ROM (such as a cursor or visible tool bar from an emulator program) will be deleted and you will be hit with a Copyright Violation.
    2) You may post your videos, but the forum rules do have a policy against advertisement. This means that you will not be allowed to link to your channel or ask for people to subscribe etc - just post the individual videos. If you break this rule, you will have earned yourself an advertisement warning/infraction.
    3) At the moment, all Let's Plays should be posted in the "Official Travelog/Let's Play Thread". If people request to be notified of when you post a new video, you can do so by tagging the individual people into subsequent posts - but only if they request you do so.

    So yeah, those are the three house rules. If you all be good people and animals-with-the-ability-to-use-a-keyboard-because-you're-cool-like-thats, then everything will be fine. If not, you will be subjected to THE BOX:

    So yeah, have fun everynyan! If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact myself or another VG mod!

    - Joshawott
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