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    Default Latest glitches found.....

    Glitches,glitches,glitches....people have been using them for a long time. I myself have read a lot of glitches(although the only one i used is the cloning glitch in emerald)Day by day, people are finding more new glitches, so please share some with us.

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    Well, it's not new to the japanese fandom, but I've only just heard about this:

    In the japanese version of DP, if you go into the safari zone with a damaged leftovers-holding Pokemon out front, when you get into a battle, the trainer will appear to use the leftovers, and then the screen will glitch up.

    Actually, could someone test this and perhaps get a shot of the glitched-up screen? I only have english Platinum, so I can't test this myself.


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