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    Hi, I haven't been to these forums for three years. Too busy exploring Johto. Just got best by this weird guy Ethan, so I've been training. Anyways, I hope I've put this in the right place. Don't remember much about the rules since I left.

    Welcome to The Keseki Project (or KP)! If you've completed Pokémon X/Y, you've probably heard the credits song. We're going to sing along to it. How? Let me explain.

    1. Download this:
    That is a cover of the song we're singing by the wonderful serena. (【serena】KISEKI を歌ってみた【ポケットモンスターX・Y EDテーマ】英語ver. - YouTube) The lyrics are in the description and are featured later in this post.
    2. Get some recording software. I use Audicity.
    3. Pick the lines you want to sing (More info below)
    4. Sing those lines! Make sure you TIME and SING to the PITCH of the MELODY (main singer), not the harmony. In between times you don't sing, make sure there's no sound. IF I CAN NOT LINE YOUR VOCALS UP WITH THE INSTRUMENTAL CORRECTLY, I WILL TELL YOU AND I WILL NOT USE THEM. When you're done recording, go back and listen to it all of the way through. If you messed up, go back and FIX IT. Put a little effort into it, yeah? If you trip over your words, it's really considerate of you to go back and re-record. If you were moving too much/too many pops and clicks and restlessness, try to go back and re-record.
    5. PM it to me as an .mp3 file. DUE ON NOVEMBER 24TH
    6. Wait till the finished product by around December 1st-8th.

    Now time for the fun part! Lines! You can pick 4 lines to sing, and no more. You can sing less, if you want. However, EVERYONE participating must sing the parts that say "All." Some lines will be sung solo, others will be sung by more people. You can see how many people can sing it after the line with a number in parenthesis. You can only sing one solo, but you don't have to sing one if you don't want to. Make sure to check the posts below to see if an idea is taken.

    1. You and I were born right here in the same world (1)
    2. For this one brief life, we're beneath the same sky. (1)
    3. The great flow of time. The wide expanse of space. (1)
    4. We are lucky enough to share this lifetime we get. (1)

    5. We can gain more if we give. By taking, we only lose. (1)
    6. Let us make this a new age where we show our gratitude. (1)

    7. There's a fragile bud of hope, blooming in each of our hearts. (2)
    8. Don't you take that away. Our dreams are meant to be shared (2)
    9. Let it grow. Let it live. Let us see what it will bring. (2)
    10. When we share in our love, we make a beautiful world. (2)

    11. Search it out, and find the way: the point where we can all meet. (3)
    12. The point where we're all the same. There it lies: the future we seek. (3)
    13. Start from there, and then we'll forge a world where all can be free. (3)
    14. Free to dream, and free to smile. Free to be who we will be. (3)
    All. Let's make sure we create...
    15. A world of our hopes and dreams. (1)

    In our brief lives, we've managed to meet.
    Treasure this gift... This precious time that we have.
    In our brief lives, we've managed to meet.
    Treasure this gift... This precious time that we have.

    Remember, mp3 files are DUE ON NOVEMBER 24TH! Hope this turns out well! Be sure to leave any questions you have. If all turns out well, it should be something like this, but with less fancy video editing: Still Alive! [KHV Chorus] - YouTube

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    This would be better suited to a blog entry. I'm closing this because it would fit better there.
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