Was Kageyama a maestro? (Favorite Composer Thread)
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Thread: Was Kageyama a maestro? (Favorite Composer Thread)

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    Default Was Kageyama a maestro? (Favorite Composer Thread)

    I don't think so, just to be sure, and neither am I, but I do like some of his work. Oddly, it's all towards the ends of the soundtracks he's worked on; the ending themes of the last few games are, arguably, the best. But he just doesn't do action like Masuda or Ichinose (the latter of which bowed out of X and Y for a pet project). Adachi carried X and Y's soundscape better than he did, and he's never smothered the other composers--both composing and arranging most tracks--like Kageyama did. Who's your favorite composer?

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    Default Re: Was Kageyama a maestro? (Favorite Composer Thread)

    I'd say Shota Kageyma composed some of the best music in the Pokemon series and probably my favorite of all the Pokemon composers. I think his best work was definitely X/Y and most disappointing was his work in HGSS. I think Go Ichinose's pieces captured the feel of Johto a bit better. I do think his battle pieces especially in comparison to Adachi aren't as good. They're good but Adachi's were brilliant. I didn't particularly like Team Flare but I thought their battle song was the best since Team Galactic's. Overall favorite has to be Kageyma though. The majority of his work in X/Y was brilliant. So many classic memorable themes like Snowbelle City, Professor Sycamore's theme, the Kalos Power Plant, and so many others. Go Ichinose is a very close second though. He wrote many equally great songs and remixed older ones really well.
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