I'm honestly curious, whats with the rage?
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Thread: I'm honestly curious, whats with the rage?

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    Default I'm honestly curious, whats with the rage?

    I have played Pokemon from the start and I don't understand what all this rage about X,Y apparently featuring a lot of Kanto pokemon is about. "pandering to old school fans" I'm sorry this is very pathetic and screams "I'm a 10 year old" . It can also be easily explained logically a few ways. 1) This isn't just another Pokemon game, this is the start of a new era. Just like red and blue was. 2) Making new pokemon is harder then making old pokemon 3d. I think it's amazing their adding a new type, even though they could have just buffed Ice.

    You all call out "genwunners" but your doing the exact same thing.
    Everyone needs to not be so childish and just enjoy the game.
    Enjoy the game.
    I will be.

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    Default Re: I'm honestly curious, whats with the rage?

    As long as people keep it in the rant thread then that's cool, let them have their opinion. Saying that people are childish won't help and just make people rage more.



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