If you created a pokemon game
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Thread: If you created a pokemon game

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    Default If you created a pokemon game

    • Would you make new region?
    • If so would you also create new pokemon?
    • New characters?
    • Or use a previous region?
    • What Pokemon would be on the cover?
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    Default Re: If you created a pokemon game


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    Default Re: If you created a pokemon game

    I would make a region based off the Orange Islands with plenty of water routes and tropical cities/towns (similar to Hoenn). Shamouti Island would be in the game with the shrine included.

    You can fight Moltres at Fire Island, Zapdos at Lightning Island and Articuno at Ice Island. When they're caught/defeated, they drop a Fire Sphere, Lightning Sphere and an Ice Sphere respectively. When the three spheres are brought back to Shamouti Shrine, Lugia can be battled. Battling them is optional. I totally copied this from the second movie ~

    I don't know who the version mascot would be, probably a water type. Manaphy or Phione perhaps?

    ...I can't think of anything else because I'm too tired.

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    Default Re: If you created a pokemon game

    The plot will be the same. You start as a new trainer and get a starter Pokémon. Your home is a small island, and you get a starter by mail based on a question at the start of the game of "which clothes would you like?" red for fire, blue for water, green for grass. You can't change the clothes at all afterwards, besides, it's the same outfit with different colours.

    Then you train your way to a boat that will take you to one of the previous regions (JUST ONE TOWN), where you will meet your rival. You go there to meet the professor who has a Pokédex for you (a new professor), then you go back to your region.

    The gyms are on various islands, and you participate in a race with your rival to get there first, and you beat him/her most of the time. After defeating the second gym, you meet a mysterious man who is leading an evil team to do something evil. You beat a few grunts, and one of them decides to become good and goes on his own way.

    After defeating the third gym, you battle the first admin. After the fourth, you get called back home, and you fly there, where your mom is being held hostage. You have to give them your badges (which are also your boat tickets), and they set her free.

    Now you have to battle the fifth gym leader, who conveniently is from your town and is visiting. After defeating him, you will be able to surf. You surf to a nearby island and complete a series of quizzes that lead you through an underground series, eventually meeting the gym leaders you already defeated, and they give you gym badges again (without a battle).

    After recollecting the four gym badges, you face the sixth, and then battle the second and third admin with your rival. Then you battle the seventh, but he turns out to be with the bad guys, and refuses to give you a badge. He runs to a volcano, and you follow him. When you reach him, you'll see his son (the grunt turned good), he will team with you to battle the evil gym leader again (though now he has an ally, which is the fourth admin).

    After defeating them, you all fall into the volcano (which isn't active), they run away, but drop a badge. You take it and team up with the grunt to get out (similar to Riley in DPPt). The volcano leads you back to the series of tunnels, which is convenient because the road from the seventh gym island to the eighth is blocked by the evil team. Along the way, the grunt decides to stay on seventh island, and you go through the tunnels to the eighth.

    There you face the eighth gym leader and get the final badge. She then tells you that you must help her take out the evil team, and you agree. She leads you to a cave, where the leader is trying to awaken the mascot. You battle the leader for the first time. His team are the signature Pokémon from the four admins, the evil gym leader's signature Pokémon, and the mascot that was awakened. After defeating him, he runs away but vows to return. The legendary is left behind, and you have to battle it (catch or kill, your choice).

    After getting out of the cave, the eighth gym leader gives you a pass to the league. You go, but they tell you that your seventh badge is invalid, and must battle the temporary replacement, which is the grunt. However, your rival beats you there, and he battles him first, and goes to the league before you. You battle the grunt and get the badge (again). On your way to the league, the former seventh gym leader asks for redemption, because he wants to reconnect with his son. He follows you to the league, and they take him in for questioning.

    You battle the elite 4, champion, win, heal, battle rival for the heck of it, and register in the hall of fame. After you're done with the credits, game saves, you return to the game, the league tells you that the seventh gym leader has restored his position, and that the grunt is now working for the International Police.

    You go back home, and your mom gives you a gift, which is a boat so you can travel between the islands (you can fly to them though). The one thing that the boat does which you can't do without it is take you to the professor from the other region, where he is chatting with his region's champion, you can battle him/her anytime you want.

    Gym Leaders:
    1. Bug.
    2. Grass.
    3. Fire.
    4. Water.
    5. Normal.
    6. Ground.
    7. Ice.
    8. Steel.

    Elite 4:
    1. Ghost.
    2. Psychic.
    3. Rock.
    4. Fighting.

    Champion: Mixed.

    Evil team:
    Admin 1: Poison.
    Admin 2: Flying.
    Admin 3: Dark.
    Admin 4: Electric.
    Leader: Mixed

    Other characters:
    Rival: Mixed, starter is stronger than yours.
    Grunt: Mixed, starter is weaker than yours.

    I made this all up as I went... :P

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    Default Re: If you created a pokemon game

    -I'd make a game where the region is just one huge city where you can roam around. There'd be some parks in the centre and forest around the skirts of it.
    -Definitely create new pokemon, but use some old ones from all previous generations also. Just for common crap though, like all the common bird, rodent, bug and fish, etc pokemon.
    -New characters for sure. Maybe even ones that don't look like tards.
    -Pokemon on the cover would be the three starters last stages, placed in some kind of appealing way i guess.

    Love Kyuuketsuki's idea of the Grunt as well as the rival but I think it would be better it was a little more like this;
    -You and your normal rival start off as per usual.
    -Grunt rival comes along and steals the left over Pokemon.
    -Find out he was sent to get all 3, which leads to you occasionally 'bumping' into him.
    -Normal pokemoning for a few gyms.
    -Hostage thing but it's the rival grunt who takes your mother.
    -Give badges and do all the stuff you said
    -6th gym isn't just a bad guy but rival grunts father, its like the faimly business or some crap.
    -Beat him, grunt realises that he doesn't want to be like his father and steals the 6th badge for you.
    -Same crap happens, but when you beat the Leader of the Rockets the former-grunt just rocks up and tells you and the gym leader to get out while he finishes the job.
    -Fiery explosion ensures, never see the former grunt again...or do you...
    -Same pokemon gym stuff and E4
    -Former-Grunt found on some random island honing his skills or some crap.
    -Battle of epic proportions

    I've always wanted a game to be like this, having a trio of trainers all on a similar level and are always testing each other.
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    Default Re: If you created a pokemon game

    You would start out as a teenager living in Kajohosiun, the land where all of the good trainers are. You get to pick ANY starter, and these are the Gym leaders:
    May (mixed)
    Barry (mixed)
    Silver (mixed)
    Gary (mixed)
    Cheren (mixed)
    Clair (Dragon)
    Juan (Water)
    Volkner (Electric)
    Lance (Dragon)
    Steven (Steel)
    Cynthia (mixed)
    Adeku (mixed)
    and ........
    As for pokemon catchable, pokemon from different regions, like
    Route 1:
    Could someone make a good bad team for me, as I have no ideas.
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    Default Re: If you created a pokemon game

    i would make a game where you could go to all the regions and catch all pokemon would be the main goal instead of the leagues

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    Default Re: If you created a pokemon game

    Title: "Pokemon Master"
    (This would be a 'reboot' to the main series. Any sequels would be called "Pokemon Master 2" and so on, possibly with a subtitle, e.g. "Pokemon Master 2: The Land of Hoenn".)

    The cover would feature the Player Character standing on top of the globe surrounded by legendaries, similar to the poster for Pokemon: The Movie 2000.)

    New features:
    --> 360 degree overworld movement (sprites similar to those from Dragon Quest IX)
    --> 101 new Pokemon (this would round it out to 750.)
    --> New region (of course...)
    --> Graphical enhancements obviously, etc.

    --> Instead of 'version exclusives', Pokemon exclusiveness would differ from Game Card to Game Card based on the player's choices. For example, an old woman on Route 10 will ask the question "Tell me, do you prefer to explore the forests or laze by the riverside?" The player's answer will decide whether he/she encounters Seedot or Lotad respectively along their journey.
    --> The National Pokedex order would recieve a MASIVE reboot, with all Pokemon being renumbered. All Pokemon of the same evolutionary family would now be placed together. For example, Magby would immeadiately preceed Magmar, which is now immeadiately followed by Magmortar. All legendary Pokemon would be at the end of the Pokedex. Event Pokemon (Mew, Manaphy, etc) would not have empty spaces in between, but instead be added at the end of the Pokedex once they are obtained.
    The Pokedex will have a "Discovery Order" setting for those who prefer the old way.

    Aesthetic changes:
    -- The commentary for battles would now be displayed on the bottom screen of the DS/3DS. The top screen would feature status bars and the battlefield only.

    That apart, I think all the features introduced in Black and White should return... Nothing too drastic about storylines... I would like the feature the return of more than one evil team, possibly a Team Rocket/Team Whatever crossover, purely for the fun of it.
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    Default Re: If you created a pokemon game

    And here I take an entirely different direction for an spin-off game.

    It takes place like 300 years ago from the series. I want to use Tohjo given all the mysteries and all its past, and the easilly recognizable locations... for instance both towers at Ecruteak would be up. But... I don't think you could do much in a region with such a defined history.

    The game would follow an story more alike a traditional RPG, focused on defeating the villain and following the plot. Your usual humans-vs-nature plot would work very well.

    Because there are still no pokéballs nor the "modern" idea of pokémon trainers beyond perhaps something more similar to "familiar", you'd get a pokémon or other accompany you depending on your actions/defeating them/apricorns(?)/etc, and it'd be a rare occurence.

    Basically pokémon with magic and swords.

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    Default Re: If you created a pokemon game

    I'd make a game when you are in Team Rocket as a lowly gunt and then up yourself through the ranks by doing evil stuff like catching rare pokemon for Giovanni. When you get to rank 7 you can be a field operative and steal pokemon from another trainer, the rarer the pokemon the more pleased he will be. Once you get to rank 5 Giovanni tell you to join up with Jessie, James and Meowth and help them capture Ash's Pikachu with a more sneaky approach and leave fast. Soon after the plan works and you get to rank 3 you join Cassidy and Butch and secretly steal the pokemon they have caught and give them to Giovanni, then the 3 final missions will be capturing the trio legends in Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn plus taking down the main protagonists. Once you get to Rank 1 you can become an admin and eventually help Team Rocket conquer all the regions taking down the other teams.

    Pokemon on the cover would be Meowth and Persian

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    Default Re: If you created a pokemon game

    ive taken a look at the osts they are all really cool ideas i would make a game based on the orange islands where you could get all their badges and face drake also however this got moved from black and white thank you i put it on lack and white on accident thinking i was on video games so thanks again

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    Default Re: If you created a pokemon game

    My plan for my Pokemon game is pretty large and detailed. I'll post it soon once I find my game notes on my designs.
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    Default Re: If you created a pokemon game

    I would have all 649 Pokemon available in the game, all regions, all Gyms, all Pokemon leagues and many others that i might left out.

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    Default Re: If you created a pokemon game

    New region, new Pokémon. I would base it in the Bay Area, California (well if New York gets one I should too), and it would include a Crann Berry as an item.

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    Default Re: If you created a pokemon game

    If I was put in charge of all design aspects of a main series game? Well, obviously I'd do everything new: Characters, Pokémon, Region, everything. However, the cover versions would feature starter final evolutions, not legendaries (and especially not dragons >>).

    The region would probably be based on mainland Europe, with certain cities representing different countries.

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