Hello everybody,
What are your ideas for minigames or sidequests that you would want in any Pokemon game, whether main series or side series? I personally think that the main series games could use a lot more minigames or sidequests just to give the player something to do outside of battling. Personally, I would want the minigames or sidequests to be very addictive so that people would be coming back for more fun. For starters, in my opinion, I would be happy they should incorporate the minigames reminiscent of the one's in Pokemon Stadium or the minigames in Firered and Leafgreen versions as a side quest in future Pokemon games. So therefore I want gamefreak to bring back the Pokemon Firered and Leafgreen minigames back in gen 6 (or something like it) as well as something like the Pokeathlon. Also, I would want there to be a sidequest, minigame, or bonus feature that involves the Pokemon Trading Card game with the current metagame of the trading card game at the time of the gen 6 release. A Pokemon Pinball machine as a sidequest/bonus feature would be so cool as well!! Gamefreak could also include minigames like those in the pokemon miniseries: Pokémon mini - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So what are everyone's ideas of any minigames, sidequests, or any bonus features that players can enjoy when they want to take a break from battling, the storyline, or whatever? Please share!