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Thread: A grey area of pokemon legitimacy

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    Default A grey area of pokemon legitimacy

    What are people's opinions on what I'd consider a "grey area" of pokemon legitimacy, that is:
    A hack is used to get into an area that would otherwise be unavailable due to missing an event. The pokemon in that area is then caught as normal.

    An example of this would be an English Shiny Mew. If someone hacked the old sea map to get to faraway island on Emerald (as far as I know the event was only available in Japan years ago), then soft resetted until they found a shiny mew and caught it without using any hacks/cheats, would you consider this pokemon legit or not?

    The pokemon itself hasn't been hacked, but the ability to get it has. The only time an AR would be used throughout the whole process is to get to the locked area, but nevertheless and AR has been used. It's this grey area I'm interested in hearing people's opinions on.
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    Default Re: A grey area of pokemon legitimacy

    i think in times like that people refer to it as "Legal" rather than straight up Legit. but that's just what i remember.

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    Default Re: A grey area of pokemon legitimacy

    I have a bunch of "legal" mons...

    in fact, my only legit event mon is an egg Giratina from SS where I used my mates legit arceus...I have a legal arceus from the hall of origin, a legal shaymin and a legal Darkrai....

    I consider these mons legit as they themselves weren't hacked and there is no way of proving their method of obtaining was (except for the arceus because they never released the azure flute)
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    Default Re: A grey area of pokemon legitimacy

    From what I hear, people like to ascribe a certain 'purity' to 'legit' Pokemon. Purity from the use of any tools or methods not coded into the game to obtain Pokemon. Even item hacking disqualifies a Pokemon from legitimacy. Therefore, such Pokemon as the one you described above would definitely never be considered legit.

    Of course, no one can actually tell if a Pokemon is legit or not unless they actually saw you getting it so the whole point is rather moot. Yet, there are still people debating on even the ethics of wasting hours understanding, then exploiting RNG abuse. Imagine that. I suppose it bestows a certain lustre to the pointless labour people put in to getting desirable Pokemon the granola fashion, but then, nobody can tell that too so idk. Lol?

    There really isn't much of a grey area, actually. It's either legit or it's not. You might be actually looking for 'legal' Pokemon (as Poster #2 mentioned), which in that case, is also rather less ambiguous on qualification.

    As long as it is able to be obtained through legitimate means, it is automatically considered legal, sans certain technicalities. Whether you simply hacked them in or spent hours abusing the (pseudo)random number generator to achieve them is of no concern.
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