Gamefaqs Pokemon x and y sucks
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Thread: Gamefaqs Pokemon x and y sucks

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    Default Gamefaqs Pokemon x and y sucks

    (mods move this if this in the wrong place and tell me what i can better, I just need to get something of my chest.)

    I remembered why i joined this site, I can have an intelligent conversation with you guys on speculation and news about the games without being accused of a hacker when i mention i don't remember wottergate. I never got accused of being a self entitled prick(they used a different word i won't repeat) for asking that they don't repeat wottergate, what ever that was. I am proud to call this site my home regarding pokemon forums, I wanna say thank you all. and hope we actually get more than 70 new pokemon.

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    Default Re: Gamefaqs Pokemon x and y sucks

    This would be better as a blog, so closing this.


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