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    I'm looking for transcripts of the in-game talking done by the more important NPCs, namely the Gym Leaders, the E4 members, and *ESPECIALLY* Shirona--in the original Japanese, not a translation. In fact, if nothing else, I'd really appreciate a transcript of everything that Shirona says in the game from when you first meet her to those other times you meet her to before and after you battle her--basically everything she says, verbatim. And remember, I'm looking for the original, untranslated Japanese.

    Please don't tell me to go looking for transcripts on Japanese sites, because I have already spent about four hours doing just that, with no results other than general summaries of what the characters say/do rather than the word-for-word transcripts that I'm looking for, which is the whole reason I was forced to ask here.

    And if anyone feels like it, the speeches of the Ginga Dan Admins and Boss can also be put up here.

    EDIT: All right, I understand this is a pretty tall order, so for now I'll be satisfied with just a transcript of what Shirona says before, during, and after you battle her. I'm assuming you can rebattle her like you can all the Champions in the previous games, so this can't be too difficult to do.
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