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    Default Re: Game Guide Mess ups

    Even so, rotom robot, the ! and ? only makes 28.

    anyway, I have something really minor to add, but I remember when my friend had the stickedex, and we spent hours searching for the Buizel sticker that wasn't there.
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    Default Re: Game Guide Mess ups

    I remember in the strategy guide for Colliseum they have some incorrect levels for a fair amount of Pokemon.

    For example: The guide said that some levels were in the 80's when they were either in their 40's or 50's
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    Default Re: Game Guide Mess ups

    After reading this article, I really got the urge to find my old Finnish guide for Red and Blue - the only one I have ever had. I found it actually rather easily, but it's in really bad shape (i.e. pages 3 and 4 are lost) :D I must've read it a lot... anyway.

    * The introduction text tells that I can give Pokémon nicknames such as "Köriläs". Bad example - the Ä and Ö letters only appear in the German games (even to this date).
    * The short tactics primer tells that the PC can store as many items as you want. Though, it had only 50 slots in Gen I.
    * Route 2: A speech bubble says that you can trade Abra to something with a Mr. Mime. Just a small grammatical case error.
    * Route 2: The guide insists that you can find Weedle in Red and Caterpie in Blue, and you can only get the other one via trading from the other version. This all is true if your scope is this route only, but both can be found in Viridian Forest. Speaking of which...
    * Viridian Forest: The Pokémon table doesn't separate the Pokémon by game at all - looks like they went with Blue Pokémon only. According to it, Weedle, Caterpie and Metapod all have the same rarity in the two games, and Kakuna is not listed at all.
    * Viridian Forest: Pikachu is said to only appear at the Pewter end of the maze, and the feature text on it says it appears rarely in the game, though again, this only applies to the scope of this location - it's common in Power Plant.
    * Route 3: Jigglypuff's encounter levels are missing and Rattata's are wrong.
    * Route 4: They say Pidgey is a good choice to learn TM04 Whirlwind, though it can learn it naturally on level 19.
    * Route 24-25: Doesn't list Bellsprout in the Pokémon list.
    * Route 24-25: This one stumps me. You probably know the TM19 Seismic Toss can be obtained early if you manage to get the trainer out of the way. Well, this guide tells that the best way to get him to notice you is to walk back and forth along the bottom bushes. What good does that make...?
    * Route 5: Apparently, according to them, Magikarp is the best Pokémon to be trained at the Day-Care. I don't see it having any advantages however. Also, they incorrectly claim that Pokémon evolve in the Day-Care.
    * Route 6: Magikarp's level is only 15 in the encounter list, though it's Lv5 for Old Rod, Lv10 for Good Rod and Lv15 for Super Rod. I believe this is also the only entry for Pokémon found by fishing...
    * Vermilion City: The speech bubble indicating the house with the Farfetch'd trade points to wrong house. They also give you a "good" hint to trade your weakest leveled Spearow away - great, you also get an equally weak leveled Farfetch'd back.
    * Vermilion City: "Thunder Badge will probably be useful later on." Yeah, it is useful to get to the Pokémon League, I agree.
    * S.S. Anne: One arrow indicating map borders is missing. One staircase says UP when it should say DOWN. The hidden Great Ball is shown to be located on a table (though the feature text has it right).
    * Route 9: Ekans's rarity in Red is five stars (very common) while Sandshrew's in Blue is one star (very rare). Also, they forgot to drop the word "only" so that it reads "Red only" - remember, this was a Finnish guide.
    * Route 10: The same problem with Ekans's and Sandshrew's rarity continues.
    * Rock Tunnel: They suggest you to use "Repel Potion" to keep wild Pokémon away.
    * Lavender Town: The arrow pointing to Route 8 is there, but the text is not.
    * Route 7: Mankey is missing the Red only notice.
    * Celadon City: Celadon Mansion is called Celadon Mansions. Erika is said to use Plant type Pokémon.
    * Saffron City: Bug types are recommended for use in Saffron Gym. (Also, I have back then overwritten the Copycat wanting a Poké Doll with she wanting a Poké Ball, though I don't believe that's right...)
    * Silph Co.: All item balls on 4F are wrong. The item ball for TM09 on 5F is unmarked. An item ball on 6F says it is a Escape Rope even though it is a HP Up. The stairs down from 5F say they lead to 5F. The nurse on 9F is called "Hospital" in English.
    * Silph Co.: Gary only has Pidgeot, Growlithe and Alakazam according to this guide. Where'd the starter and the fifth Pokémon go? He doesn't have Growlithe either if you started with Bulbasaur.
    * Route 12: The item ball indicator for Iron is misplaced. A speech bubble pointing at the house says the man inside will give you the Good Rod instead of Super Rod. The item list misses Super Rod (and doesn't mention Good Rod either).
    * Route 15: Oak Aide is said to hand you TM20 instead of EXP. All.
    * Fuchsia City: The item list misses the Rare Candy in the Warden's house. The Poké Mart section says using Ultra Balls is the only way to catch some Pokémon.
    * Route 16: Snorlax is said to be in Red only.
    * Route 18: Says that you can trade Slowpoke to Lickitung, while it is Slowbro really. Also, it is worded like you could get multiple Lickitung from there.
    * Power Plant: The sole Electrode item ball is marked as Voltorb. All Pokémon are marked to be equally common. Also, another mention at Ultra Balls' exclusive capturing capability, this time in the context of Zapdos.
    * Seafoam Islands: Called Seafoam Island. All Pokémon are at levels 2-5 and are very rare (1 rarity star) except Slowpoke, Slowbro, Krabby and Psyduck.
    * Cinnabar Island: There is a Pokémon encounter table with Aerodactyl, Electrode, Seel and Omanyte on it, each appearing at levels 5-40. >.>
    * Pokémon Mansion: While you need to jump the large cliff to get to the bottom floor, the guide tells you to jump the small cliff. Also, Vulpix in the encounter table is shown as a Metapod.
    * Route 22: Gary's team is assumed to be fixed with only the starter evo changing, though one of Gyarados, Exeggcute and Growlithe is missing depending on the choice. Also, Blastoise is listed as Bulbasaur.
    * Victory Road: Graveler's image in the encounter table is a Gastly. Zubat, Geodude, and Machop's levels are off.
    * Indigo Plateau: "You cannot beat them if your team isn't around level 60." Bullshit, can do that with Lv50 Pokémon. Fire and Water types are said to have disadvantage against Agatha, and Psychic is among the "do not use" list (even though every Pokémon Agatha uses is weak to Psychic).

    * Butterfree: No starting moves
    * Fearow: Types missing
    * Slowbro: Types missing
    * Doduo and Dodrio: Types missing
    * Magikarp and Gyarados: The evolution field spells Gyarados as Gyrados
    * Dratini: Types are Dragon and None
    * Dragonair: Dragon Rage is Psychic-type
    * Dragonite: Types missing
    * Untranslated parts on these entries: Aerodactyl (move level "all"), Parasect (evolution section title says "volution")
    * (Jolteon has a funny grammar case problem in its translated entry: lightning bolt is "salama" in Finnish. The plural partitive for it is "salamoita", not "salamia" like written here (the plural partitive is usually derived that way). "Salamia" is the singular partitive for salami.)

    Inconsistency on marking TM locations from Gym Leaders: TM06, TM24, and TM38 say "X City Gym" while the others just say "X City".

    * Listing a method to get all starters while it's not cheating at all. Yeah, it's just trading each one to a game while starting another all over again.
    * Calling Missingno. as Missingo. and incorrectly identifying its typing as Flying/Water (while it's Bird/Water). This guide also tells you to trade a Pokémon on Cinnabar Island to trigger Missingno. instead of using the Old Man; I don't know if that works or not.
    * Listing the Up+B trick as a legitimate, working trick.

    MOVE LIST: tl;dr

    TYPE MATCHUP TABLE: Says Fire is 1x to Dragon and Ghost is 2x to Psychic.

    It's likely I missed something but as you can see this guide really was seeping failure.
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    Default Re: Game Guide Mess ups

    I can't recall specifics, but the Prima guide for FR\LG has a TON of typos.
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    Default Re: Game Guide Mess ups

    Quote Originally Posted by Battaman View Post
    Not in gen2 there weren't.
    you did only say " in a guide i got"
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