Foreign Pokedex entries in Black and White?

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Thread: Foreign Pokedex entries in Black and White?

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    Default Foreign Pokedex entries in Black and White?

    I honestly hate making new threads because I'm afraid there will be something already there covering it, but I don't think anyone's asked this yet.

    Has anyone found out how to open up the Foreign language dex entries in B&W yet? Or if they exist at all? Because I've had quite a few Japanese Pokemon in my English Black, and I've been wanting to see the Foreign Dex entries again.
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    Default Re: Foreign Pokedex entries in Black and White?

    A little black box *should* appear on the left abovethe entry with a code for the country in (3 letters, such as FRA). Tapping it displays the dex entry in that country's language on the top screen.

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