A few thoughts on Pokemon.
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Thread: A few thoughts on Pokemon.

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    I actually remember when Gen 2 of Pokemon came out. I remember looking at all the strange new Pokemon leaked for that game. It was a weird feeling because at the time it was so used to there only being 151. I even remember reading a guidebook from before Gen 2 came out, it still feels like yesterday, which said "Togepi is #152" Even then I knew that was wrong. I remember when I first got Silver, my brother was annoyed because I was grounded at the time but I was at least allowed to play this new game. My mom granted me that though I don't even remember why she bought me a videogame if I was grounded, or why I was grounded. It's hard remembering back from when I was kid. All I remember is I played the heck out of that. It was a beautiful game. And I loved every Gen. Now that Gen 6 is out I will say this. I feel old!!

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    I'm going to close this because this would be better suited as a blog.


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