Experiment: is the National Dex obtainable before the E4?
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Thread: Experiment: is the National Dex obtainable before the E4?

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    Default Experiment: is the National Dex obtainable before the E4?

    Seeing as I still haven't defeated the E4, I would like to try this experiment. One of Nanakamado's aides mentions that "Dr. Nanakamado, together with a doctor in Kanto, has created a new Pokédex!" (ナナカマドはかせは カントーの はかせと いっしょに あたらしい ポケモンずかんを つくったんです!)

    At present, I have 8 gaps in my Shin'ō dex, not counting Manaphy:
    1. Minomutchi
    2. Mitsuhoney
    3. Mikaruge
    4. Gaburiasu
    5. Neoranto
    6. Milotic
    7. Yuxie
    8. Agnom

    (1 and 2 mostly because I haven't had the opportunity to examine the honey trees within 12 hours.)

    Anyone able to help?

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    The last two can definitely be seen pre-E4.

    Mirakuge is just really annoying, but I don't think beating the E4 is a requirement.

    EDIT: lol, forgot Serebii has location data now.

    Gaburaisu's first form is in "Lost Cave".

    Neorantu's first form is in a ton of places using the Good Rod. According to Serebii:

    Routes 205-South, 218, 219, 220 & 221, Iron Factory, Iron Island, Mio City, Valley Power Plant (Fish w/ Good Rod)

    FINAL EDIT: Feebas is in the Tengan mountains, fish with the Super Rod. Only downside is that it's on one out of every 13 squares or something...

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    Actually, I was looking more for people to trade [temporarily] with.

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    I'll help however I can. IM or PM or just coordinate with me here.

    I can provide (trade/trade back) Mirakuge, Mitsuhoney, and I'm assuming those are the two legendaries.

    - Trip
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    That is correct.

    Status update - Minomutchi, Mitsuhoney and Neoranto have been seen in trainer battles (thanks to your records).

    I suppose I have no choice but to get as far as Shirona's last Pokémon, then lose... that will be difficult...

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    OK, that's down to two thanks to Trip - Gaburiasu and Milotic, which are Pokémon Shirona has. Ah well.

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    I believe Minnomucchi, Mitsuhoney, and Neorantu are all used by trainers in game.

    I know a swimmer uses Neo in the water route to Victory Road.

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    I have a Feebas and the second form of Gaburiasu...

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    i saw Gaburiasu in victory road if i remember correctyl
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    I am pleased to announce that it is possible to obtain the National Dex before defeating the E4. Furthermore it is possible to go to the Pal Park before defeating the E4. Of course, the PokéTore (Pokémon Tracer) can also be obtained before defeating the E4.

    Unfortunately, this discovery also comes at a cost - I was within a dozen turns of defeating Shirona. Of course, that would have required a certain amount of luck seeing as all my other Pokémon were knocked out...


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