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Thread: Expanded Type Effectiveness Chart with extra stats

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    Default Expanded Type Effectiveness Chart with extra stats

    I was messing around in Excel and created this chart, I think it's pretty neat!

    Image version


    Basically, what it does is that it takes the standard type effectiveness chart and sums up all the resistances, weaknesses and immunities so that you can more easily compare types to see which one is strong against the most other types. This is not about finding a counter to a specific type or pokemon, but rather finding the types which have the best chances against any random pokemon you might encounter.

    I also thought that it'd be good if it took into account how common each type is - there are three times as many water pokemon as ice pokemon, so being strong against water will come in handy a lot more often than being strong against ice. These are the columns/rows marked (Q).

    I also did another little experiment to find out which was the minimum number of different types you needed to have a Super-Effective move against every type.
    The answer is 6: Fight, Flying, Ghost, Grass, Ground, Ice. So three dual-type pokemon would be enough!

    The chart doesn't deal with Dual-type pokemon, that would be pretty tricky as there are 136 different combinations to deal with. For counting how many pokemon there are of each type, a dual-type pokemon simply counts as one of each. Anyway, if you're strong against one of the two elements you're facing, chances are you will do well regardless.
    I did a quick little experiment though to find the best dual-type for defense. It's either Steel/Electric or Steel/Dragon.
    Steel/Electric (Magneton) is resistant/immune to all but 4 types. However, Ground attacks deal a massive 4x damage (Fighting and Fire deal 2x).
    Steel/Dragon (Dialga) is more balanced - it's resistant/immune to all but 5 types, and only Fighting and Ground deal 2x damage.
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