First my basic details:
Latop: Macbook pro 13" OS X (Snow Leopard)
Router: BTHomehub - 2HCs
Handheld: DS Lite
Cartridge: Soulsilver
Files used in "Hack": Python 2.7, Sendpkm(.py), Pokesav
Necessary DNS server:
IPName (according to terminal):
I use crossover to run the windows files.

Now I have very recently obtained three pokemon (Blastoise, Charizard, Venusaur) through using this method. I sent Alakazam.pkm to the server and attempted to retrieve him using the DNS server that was left in my DS from the last Pokemon transaction. However, I get the error code: 52100. When I connect to my router from my DS without the DNS server it is fine. I have a strange feeling that the Alakazam.pkm file is corrupt or "Detected as a fake" by nintendo as upon reviewing the file I realised I left some stats as the pre-set: 255. I have done all the basic stuff, unplugged my router and plugged it back in. Also, it cannot be my firewall settings as I have connected before (as it says above). It has most likely been detected by Nintendo. However, there is no way to get it OFF the DNS server. What should I do now? When I try and send another Pokemon it will not let me because the server is already in use. Is there some option I can use to wipe the DNS server or is the file stuck on there, never to be erased from the DNS server? This will mean I cannot transfer any more Pokemon by this means, but there will most likely be an option in the menu to wipe it. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could help me? Any help would be appreciated (as long as it is not "Change your firewall settings" or "unplug your router"). And for those who are familiar with the program, where is the button to wipe the ".pkm" file off the DNS server (if there is one).

Many thanks