So after putting off the Looker events for months to have something to do later on, I breezed through it this afternoon. I gotta say, Emma and Mimi's story was more entertaining and captivating than watching Lysandre blather on about beauty or having Shauna stalk you wherever you go. Or watching Diantha literally just sit there and be pretty (and fashionably challenged).

I can only hope that if "Pokémon Z" is a sequel, that Emma's Bureau is revisited and we get to see how she's thrived in Looker's building with Xerosic's Pokémon. Also, the fact that Looker bequeaths (or gives away) his codename to the player could mean that this is Looker's last appearance or that the next time we see him, he'll be named something else.

Also, there are so many things left unsaid in the mini plot. Who were Emma's parents and what happened to them? Why was looker hunting Xerosic? How did his Croagunk die? What did he promise Malva in exchange for her help with Xerosic? Why was the AZ/Floette painting the one Emma decided to deface, out of all the ones present? Where is Looker going next?

And we already know Emma's the new head detective of the Bureau, with Calem/Serena being the new Looker, and the Lumiose Street Gang being the Bureau's staff. But I wonder what role the kids that Emma used to play with could have? Probably junior detectives roaming Lumiose for cases. And Mimi could evolve into a Meowstic and be Emma's main battling Pokémon.

There's just so much I love about this post-game plot. I'd really dislike it if it was removed from Gen 6.5... If the rumors are true and Pokémon Z, or W/V, or X2/Y2 or whatever the heck we get take place in a new region, I'd love for Looker to show up with Emma and Mimi searching for him (leaving the Lumiose Gang under the command of Serena/Calem) just so we can get more character development from that story. Also, what's the deal with her getting two different artworks as Essentia, yet not a single one as Emma?