1-Players cannot let their Pokemon evolve
2-Players cannot catch Dark, Psychic, or Ghost Pokemon. In addition, moves of these types also cannot be used.
3-Pokemon must be at least level 22 before they breed. Two Pokemon of the same gender cannot share a day care center.
4-If a player obtains an egg, it is their duty to keep it in their party and raise it until it reaches level 18.
5-Legendaries are false idols and must be killed, never caught.
6-Players cannot use fossils and should ignore science labs whenever possible.
7-Players cannot play at Game Corners and must avoid the benefits of items like PP Up and Rare Candy.
8-Players cannot catch Snake-type Pokemon.
9-No owning gender less Pokemon and those based on inorganic THE lifeforms.

1-Ghost, Psychic, Dark and dragon and other mystical Pokemon and moves should be avoided as these do not exist(All except Rotom, Frillish and Kingdra)
2-No usage of legendaries except Mew, Mewtwo and Genesect.
3-Evolutions are highly encourage(NEVER PRESS B).
4-Fossils must be revived as soon as possible with one fossil Pokemon always in your party.
5-Catch AT LEAST 1 of every Pokemon encountered(except for the ones not permitted) as Pokemon should be studied for science.
6-Exploiting glitches encouraged and study more about it and glitch Pokemon.
7-If someone near you is doing the 'Religious' play through, challenge them to a battle bcoz you have something to prove.(compulsory before challenging each
gym, if not available then make an exception.)
8-Trades for data expansion and evolution are encouraged for the permit-able Pokemon.(YOU HAVE TO HAVE AT LEAST ONE POKEMON BASED ON INORGANIC

1-Any Pokemon that faints is considered dead and must be released(as a mercy however, they may be permanently boxed or migrated or given away in the GTS
for free with no strings attached.)
2-The player may only catch the first Pokemon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokemon encountered faints or flees, there are no second
3-Shiny Pokemon capture is permitted (even if they are not the first Pokemon encountered) but if the shiny Pokemon is the first captured Pokemon on the route, then no further captures there(except for more shinnies).
=The starter may not be released if it has not fainted.(even so, 1-3 revive chances may be given).
=Adjusting the first encounter rule to ban duplicate captures
=Considering a black/white out to be game over, even if there are Pokemon left in the PC.
=Going to the options and changing the battle style to "set," leaving you unable to switch out.
=After the first wild Pokemon is caught, the starter Pokemon must be released.
=Banning the usage of Potions and other healing items - relying only on Pokemon Centers for healing.
=Banning the use of Pokemon Centers - relying only on Potions and other healing items for healing.
=Limiting Pokemon Center visits to a certain number per town.
=Banning the use of held items
=Limiting the number of Poke-balls to purchase per Poke Mart.
=Rather than releasing the Pokemon, it can be migrated or permanently boxed should it happen to faint.
The player may not evolve captured Pokemon, but evolved Pokemon may be caught.
=No catching/using legendaries(until this is needed to progress in the game, but after that it should be released/permanently boxed/migrated.).
=As a mercy rule, allowing 1-3 "second chances" or revives of fallen team members.
=These are only the most common optional rules, but you can customize the run to however you like it. HOWEVER, the first two rules listed above the optional
l rules are the only rules that must be in effect for a run to be a Nuzlocke Challenge.

1-You may only use one type of Pokemon.
2-You may only use one of each Pokemon.
3-You cannot use two Pokemon from the same evolutionary line. However, if the evolution split (i.e. Slowbro and Slowking), it's fine.
4-If your starter is not the type you chose, you may use your starter until you catch a Pokemon of your type.
5-You can use HM Slaves of any type, but they may not be used for attacking in battle.

1-You are allowed only one Pokemon for the entire run.
2-You are allowed HM Slaves, as long as they are not used in battles.
3-You may use another Pokemon until you get your specified Pokemon.
4-You are allowed to trade for Pokemon not normally obtainable in your game, but it must be an egg or newly hatched.
5-You may use other Pokemon as "fodder" (i.e. switch it into a battle just for it to take hits while you heal your chosen Pokemon) but you may not use them to
attack and you may not heal the fodder except in the Pokemon Center.