Hi guys,

Please find below a set of revised rules that are valid from the 9th July. We think this set of rules will be a lot easier to memorise and abide by and we hope you'll like them.


The name of the infraction, point value and time before expiration are listed in parentheses after the infraction name.

0. Cardinal Rules (However many points the normal infraction is worth)
-Don't be a rule-lawyering smart-ass. The mods will enforce the spirit of the rules, not their letter.
-The rules apply to your profile, signature, visitor messages and private messages as well as your posts, unless a rule says otherwise.

1. Don't reply to spambots (Replying to spambot: 1 point, 1 month)
-Don't reply to advertising thread posted by a spambot (or someone acting like one). Report it instead.

2. Don't have a signature outside the allowed limits (Excessive signature, 2 points, 1 month)
-The limits are 600 pixel wide, 160 tall, and 500 kB. Spoiler tags are not allowed. Check your sig here.

3. Don't advertise other sites outside your signature or blog (Advertising, 3 points, 1 month)
-You can link to other sites if relevant to the thread, but keep links to your own site to a minimum.

4. Don't make pointless posts (Pointless Post, 3 points, 1 month)
-This includes posts like "This is spam", creating a duplicate thread, and posting only to bump a thread.
-This also include posting twice in a row to make minor additions to your first post. Use "edit" instead.
-Finally, this include making a post that has nothing to do with the discussion in the thread it's in.

5. Don't make unreadable posts (Unreadable Post, 3 points, 1 month)
-Post in English (except Japanese news or with a moderator permission), do not use online translation.
-Use reasonable formatting: avoid paragraph-less long texts, all-caps posts, and use reasonable fonts.

6. Don't ask for or provide illegal pokémon content (Copyright Violation, 4 points, 2 months)
-This includes emulators, roms, full episode downloads/streams and similar (short clips are allowed).
-This also include advertising or asking about fan-made games, illegal manga scans, or fansubs.

7. Don't steal other people's fanworks, or their other creations (Plagiarism, 4 points, 2 months)
-If you post something you didn't create, credit the creator. If you don't know who, make sure to say so.

8. Don't flame other users, and don't post flamebait. (Flaming and Baiting, 5 points, 3 months)
-Flaming includes insulting people, gloating at them, or threatening them (including "I'll report you")
-Flamebait includes discriminatory posts and slurs based on things like race, gender and sexual orientation (including "that's gay").
-Flamebait also include discussing controversial issues after moderators ask you not to.

9. Don't post inappropriate content (Inappropriate Content, 5 points, 3 months)
-This include graphic sexual humor, threats and violent fantasies about other people (not posters)

10. Don't abuse or harass your fellow users (Abuse & Harassment, 10 points, 4 months)
-Abuse include violent threats, emotional manipulation and pressure, as well as sexual abuse.
-Harassment include mocking or contacting a user who asked you not to, or continually flaming a user.

11. Don't post porn or similarly shocking content (Graphic imagery, 10 points, 4 months)
-Shocking content include (as well as porn) gore, scat, and shock pictures.

12. Don't bring issues from other sites to Bulbagarden (Intersite Drama, 10 points, 4 months)
-This includes arguing about what users or staff do on other sites, and gloating about your site.

13. Don't create sockpuppets (Sockpuppeting, 10 points, 4 months)
-A sockpuppet is an additional account you create on top of your main one, without staff permission.

There are a few other infractions. Two of them will never be given to a regular user's main account: we use them to ban spambots and the sockpuppets accounts a user might have created. The other is used to ban users who simply cause too much harm to Bulbagarden or its members.

General information

These are the current rules of Bulbagarden, which we expect that you read and adhere to. Not following these rules can lead to warnings and/or infractions. When you build up enough infraction points, you can be banned (i.e., prevented from posting). Here’s the ban structure:

  • 10 active infraction points: 2 days
  • 20 active infraction points: 10 days
  • 30 active infraction points: 1 month
  • 40 active infraction points: 2 months
  • 50 active infraction points: 6 months
  • 1000 active infraction points: Indefinite ban

Before you receive an infraction for an offense worth 4 points or less, you must have received a warning first. Please do note that when a moderator posts in a thread to tell everyone to stop a certain behavior, that the moderator’s post does count as a warning. Moderators withhold the right to replace an infraction with a warning at their discretion.

If you are unhappy with a warning or infraction that you have received, discuss it with the moderator that gave you the warning. If you still believe that the moderator was unfair or biased against you after your discussion, please use this form to register your complaint.

Do note that several forums have specific rules themselves, and make sure to abide by these rules as well.

If anyone has any questions about the rules please feel free to ask in this thread.