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    Hello there! I really hope I'm posting this in the right section...
    I finished White 2, now I'd like to play Black 2, but I want to play the challange mode since the beginning! Could anyone send me his .sav file with this mode unlocked?

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    I think many people here cannot help you. But you can find save files in other websites such as GameFAQs. If you want to play challenge mode, you must have a completed Black 2 saves in order to play this level. Do it yourself.

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    Yes, I know but... I just wanted to start with challange mode from the beginning of the game. I'll try GameFAQs anyway.
    Thanks for helping.

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    I can't help you, but I was wondering... how do you extract a save file? I assume you need some sort of third-party card / equipment or something? Or is there a way to transfer save files directly onto an SD card?

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    Unfortunately asking for help about ROMs, including locating them or troubleshooting with them, isn't allowed by the forum rules.


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