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Thread: Best and worst features in each Generation

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    Default Best and worst features in each Generation

    I am curious. What is in your opinion the best and worst features of each Generation (or a feature you missed from an older game). This is NOT counting the Pokèmon, as each game adds more and more of those anyway...
    For me:

    Generation I (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)
    - Wild Pokèmon...well this game pretty much began it all so the whole game is a new feature

    - The HM Flash. Its only required once and in this game you couldn't delete HM-moves. Leaving you stuck with a move that's close to useless in any other situation.

    Generation II (Gold, Silver, Crystal).
    - Move Deleter: So I can finally get rid of Flash:B
    - Introduction of time and Day/night. It was kind of neat.
    - Shiny Pokèmon. So long as you don't hack them and make their rarity pointless... Shinies of this generation were also stronger than their normal colored counterpart as they had above average IVs.
    - Held items, particularly held berries that allowed the Pokèmon to regenerate health and cure status problems by itself.
    - Having rematches with trainers you've fought before, when I run out of people to pwn.
    - Breeding!

    - Too many water Hms. In the first games I would just teach one HM-move to four members of my party and use an HM-slave for Flash (or just walk through the cave without it, it wasn't so hard), if I did that in Generation II I would end up with a water-type with three HM-moves..
    - No Joey, I don't care about your Rattata. STOP CALLING ME... Yeah the phone was great but some of these calls got really annoying.

    Generation III (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald FireRed and LeafGreen.)
    - Double battles. I would sometimes walk around deliberately looking for one
    - VS Seeker. Rematches without the annoying phone-calls.

    - No backwards compatibility. If it did I might still have had my shiny Raticate:(
    - The berry system started to get really annoying... Planting berries may have been a neat idea, it just takes so darn long and becomes really tedious.
    - The time system is more or less useless and has little impact on the game. Day/Night is gone.

    All in all Generation 3 was a huge letdown for me and let to me becoming horribly bored of Pokèmon until the release of Platinum.

    Generation IV (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, SoulSilver and HeartGold)
    - Return of the day/night system.
    - Online Trading. Since I live in the middle of nowhere and none of my friends care about Pokèmon anymore this was the greatest feature ever.
    - Walking with Pokèmon. This was technically introduced in Yellow but since it was only your one starter Pikachu I don't really count it.
    - Backward compatible with Generation III.

    - I STILL DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR RATTATA... well it was a remake of Generation II after all.

    Generation V (Black and White)
    - Pokèmon don't stand still in battle anymore (New for the portable games at least).
    - Not really a feature but...since learning that there were no old Pokèmon in Unova I was expecting them to be replaced by new ones and I would just meet Woobats in every cave I entered. So far however every cave has had different Pokèmon in it. If only Zubat had not shown up in every single cave in Gen I-IV it wouldn't be half as annoying.

    - Many good features from HGSS were missing. Such as the way the game could be controlled without pressing the buttons at all and the auto-run button, and of course Pokèmon outside their Pokèballs (maybe it would have made Team Plasma complain a bit less One less Pokèmon to be trapped inside a ball.)

    I don't count the console games here since I've only ever owned one of them: Pokèmon Colloseum.

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    Default Re: Best and worst features in each Generation

    Edit: Added spoiler tags because of how much I wrote and remembering I could do that after I saw Bianca's post. ^^'

    Gen 1:

    Gen 2:

    Gen 3:

    Gen 4:

    Gen 5:

    (All of this will be based on up until just after the second gym as that is as far as I am right now.)

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    Default Re: Best and worst features in each Generation

    Hmm...Okay, here goes, all IMHO. I'll list games instead of Generations, makes it simpler for me. D8 Also divided by spoilers.









    Platinum (I've only played Platinum, so I can't really comment on DP)




    Black/White (I'm only up to Nimbassa City, so I can't comment on much yet)
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    Default Re: Best and worst features in each Generation

    ^FYI, the boxes are STILL controlled by buttons. You don't HAVE to use the touch screen, you know. Though personally, I think the touch screen makes rearranging the boxes a helluva lot easier.

    Yup, classes again. I'm gonna be at this for a while.

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    Default Re: Best and worst features in each Generation

    Gen I -
    Best: I found the E4 in Generation 1 to be kinda difficult. Considering when I first played it, I didn't really know what type was best against another.

    Gen II -
    Best: The time feature. I loved it. It made it feel like you were actually in the game. Traveling by day, or by night - it's the trainer's choice.
    Worst: The legendary dogs are annoying to find. Ugh. And when the trainers just call
    you randomly just to brag about their Pokemon.

    Gen III -
    Best: Trainer's Eyes/Match Call system. Enough said. Battling other trainers over again really helped with raising my team.
    Worst: Not being able to battle the leaders over again in Sapphire and Ruby. =[

    Gen IV -
    Best: They finally changed the physical/special moves. I was getting sick and tired of Bite and Crunch not doing much with my Mightyena and Shadow Ball with my Gengar. It was really annoying.
    Worst: What's the point of Defog? (O.o) Other than that, I really had no problem with Gen VI.

    I can't say anything about Gen V because I haven't played it yet.

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    Default Re: Best and worst features in each Generation

    GEN I
    Best Feature: N/A. I mean, it was the first game. Nothing can be accurately called a feature.
    Worst Feature: Same as before, but I'd have to agree with Skye-Chan on the "no Move Deleter" thing.
    GEN II
    The item holding thing. Such a brilliant idea.
    Worst: The original Day/Night feature is terribly overrated. I could never get the clock to work properly for me.
    Abilties. Yet another simple but brilliant refinement.
    Worst: The bike changing mechanic. Yes, it was interesting, and the Acro Bike was fun, but it was beyond aggravating to miss out on something just because you had the wrong bike.
    GEN IV
    The improved Day/Night system is tied with the PokéRadar. The former was infinitely superior to its predecessor, while the latter made finding Shinies a whole lot easier.
    Worst: Super Contests. The lesson, as always "If it ain't broke, don't fix it. In fact, if it's even a little broken, don't fix it. Ever"
    GEN V
    Best: The C-Gear and Battle Box. No more having to scurry to a Pokémon center to trade or battle with someone 3 feet away.
    Worst: The reduced touchscreen functionality. We took three steps forward from DPPt with HgSs, and then a step back.

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    Default Re: Best and worst features in each Generation

    Gen. I
    Best:The Pokemon definitely haha, gen. I was the best.
    Worst: Alot, especially now that we have gotten far more advanced games.

    Gen. II
    Best: Day/Night
    Worse: None that I can think of

    Gen. III
    Best: Abilities
    Worst: Where to begin? Most of the Pokemon, the Bike, no day/night, no being able to trade from gen. II games, contests

    Gen. IV
    Best: Physical/ Special Moves, Pokemon, new moves,Pokeathalon (kind of fun), use of wi-fi (GTS and such)
    Worst: too many complications when evolving Pokemon and forms.. Incense, held-level up items, more held-trade items, location evolution

    Gen. V
    Best: Seasons (new and interesting), some of the new moves, C-gear (once Dream World is up and running hopefully), inclusion of locations to evolve Pokemon.
    Worst: HAVING to defeat the Elite Four twice, some Pokemon (while kind of cool) too closely resemble previous Pokemon. (ex: Machop/ Timburr)

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    Default Re: Best and worst features in each Generation

    + Best
    - Worst.

    Gen I:
    + Awakening Snorlax. Legendary Pokémon design; IMHO none of subsequent Legendaries overcame legendary birds and Mew(two).
    - Flash.

    Gen II:
    + 16 gyms.
    - Unobtainable Gen I legendaries, fixed in remake.

    Gen III:
    + Dive. Lame move, but awesome HM.
    - No plot after E4, games became too short for me.

    Gen I remakes:
    + Sevii expansion.
    - No time mechanic.

    Gen IV:
    + Physical/Special split.
    - Evolution by location. Defog.

    Gen II remakes:
    + Game Expansions: Safari zone, Gen I legends, remade Mt. Silver.
    - Cloned Frontier and BPs for tutor moves.

    Gen V:
    + Graphics, plot, Dream World, special spots, game after E4.
    - Some Pokémon evolving at an absurd high level.

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    Default Re: Best and worst features in each Generation

    It's the beginning!
    The plot and the existing pokémons.

    The graphics and 16 gyms.
    Certain pokémons missing, so you need R/B/Y.

    The plot, region and some new pokémons.
    The HoennDex.

    The plot and some new pokémons.
    It was getting repetitive the Zubats, Tentacools and Geodudes.

    The graphics and plot.
    The absence of pokémons following you.
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    Default Re: Best and worst features in each Generation

    Gen 1:

    Best: Uh... A lot of things, I guess glitches is what I loved.
    Worst: Like everyone else said, only Parasect could kill psychic types back then. Also lack of move deleter, but I ignored it.

    Gen 2:

    Best: Dark & Steel types, breeding, first Bug/Flying/Normal/Ice/Dragon themed gym, female playable, also best rival.
    Worst: Pokegear.

    Gen 3:

    Best: Pokeblocks, double battles, VS Seeker, Move Tutor, Running Shoooooes~
    Worst: Uh... Come back to me on that one.

    Gen 4:

    Best: ... Fashion Case? I don't know.
    Worst: Too many pointless babies & evos, ugly mons, ridiculous looking evil teams(TR grunts have PINK hair now…), slowness.

    Gen 5 I haven't played.
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    Default Re: Best and worst features in each Generation

    Even though this thread's a bit old, I feel like adding my opinions of the best and worst features.
    Gen I
    Best was the whole game itself, it was new, it was pokemon, almost everyone loved it. Compared to the other RPGs at the time it was rather unique.
    I didn't really notice anything annoying or bad about the game until later generations came out, seeing the improvements to Generation II.
    Gen II
    Best features were day and night, the two new types, bigger gameplay map, the storyline, better coloring. The mail system was neat, you could call your friend and ASS-BAG and things like that. I loved the music, best soundtrack in my opinion.
    I didn't like a few things of course. The internal clock was flawed, The daylight savings time didn't let you adjust the clock if you messed up, which I did. The low probability of re-battling a trainer, the endless waiting for a swarm phone call, the apricorn to pokeball conversion a day was better in the remake. Kurt was a lazy old fart. I didn't like how they condensed and got rid of some of the features in Kanto.
    Gen III
    I loved RSE, my favourite game would probably be Emerald. Good story, improved graphics, many places to explore, diving, abilities, berries, secret bases, the pc boxes, and double battles.
    It sucked that you couldn't retrieve your favourite pokemon from earlier generations, two different bikes, no day or night, Feebass Feebass Feebas, and most of all, they got rid of the customizable mail system. I loved insulting people I traded with. The easy chat system ruined the whole aspect of mail. The only purpose was to prevent using trick and collecting the shiny different backgrounds. I don't think I ever battled against an opponent who actually used trick. FR/LG seemed to be a rushed remake of the originals, they could have made it so much better.
    Gen IV
    Animated sprites, day and night returned, new evos of old favs, the poketch, wifi made trading with friends better, GTS was awesome, except some douches still want like level 100 giratina for a level 10 riolu. I loved the berry system. I was like the berry master. A brilliant story and of course the interactions with the pokemon following you in HGSS.
    Things that sucked were Spiritomb for one. Near impossible to get unless you did that underground stuff at a convention or something. The "improvement" with the easy chat system, hardly an improvement.
    Gen V
    Vastly different landscapes, none of the same pokemon everywhere, great story, love the seasons, the Gym leaders do shit now, Cynthia and Looker return. (I bet Cynthia will make a cameo in RS remakes too.) Its a little easier to level your pokemon before going up against the Elite Four or a gym leader, seeing you can go ahead of the city to train tougher pokemon then return and beat them. And of course the three dimensional buildings and graphics all over. Great improvement from Gen IV.
    I don't like how they're trying to force us to use the damn easy chat system. (can you tell my ire towards it yet?) I do miss having the pokemon follow you around, and HGSS added walking sound effects. I don't much care for some of the in game music either. *cough Black Opelucid City, cough* Theres a few things that they could've kept from gen IV, like more animated trainer sprites, but they might add those in Gray version or the Ruby and Sapphire remakes, because more than likely they will have those. And lastly I don't like how you have to beat the game in less than 10 hours or Black City/White Forest are completely vacant.

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    Default Re: Best and worst features in each Generation

    Generation 1
    Pros: The introduction to the Pokemon world, fast pace, a great bundle of Pokemon.
    Cons: Far too many glitches, ugly graphics (don't deny it), and no way to forget any moves.

    Generation 2
    Pros: A great improvement over R/B. Spiced-up graphics, an awesome Day-Night system, the ability to hold items, and an almost perfect overworld.
    Cons: The encounter rate is still ridiculously high, some of the new Pokemon are admitidedly useless, and some sharp difficulty spikes.

    Generation 3
    Pros: A broadaning of the Pokemon world, with much more in-depth areas to explore. It also had Pokemon's greatest set of Legendaries, a hyper-fast pace, the best soundtrack, and the introduction of natures, abilities, and the Battle Frontier.
    Cons: The required use of way too many HMs, the long time it takes to grind, and the introduction of the useless Pokemon Contests was a bit annoying.

    Generation 4
    Pros: The new Physical/Special Attack split really opened up the tourament scene, along with the ability to play online. A more balanced Gym Leader set, an underplaying of Surf, and the Pokeatholon in the GS remakes were also appreciated.
    Cons: Some of the new Pokemon felt rather half-assed, grinding is once again a massive chore, and there are a bit too many Legendaries.

    Generation 5
    Pros: Possibly the best generation yet. Awesome full-3D battles, a grand world scale, amazing new Pokemon, a better plot, a much easier grinding system, random Wi-fi matchups, and the seasons can testify to that.
    Cons: No ability to re-match trainers and an easier challenge level is a bit bothersome.
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    Default Re: Best and worst features in each Generation

    Generation I
    Best: The fact that it introduced us to the series, and has some of the best Pokémon designs.
    Worst: Very, very glitchy. The only generation I have run into numerous glitches without trying.

    Generation II
    Best: Introduced key mechanics: breeding, held items, time. Pokémon isn't the same without them.
    Worst: The Pokégear. Kind of fun at first, but got annoying when all of the calls you got were from Youngster Joey about his top percentage Ratatta and none were about rematches. The limited space in the phone also made things more difficult.

    Generation III
    Best: Abilities. They're so important and a part of the experience that it feels weird, playing the old games where they don't exist.
    Worst: The Pokémon. To catch them all, you needed Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, Colosseum, and XD. Luckily it was handled better in Gen IV.

    Generation IV
    Best: The physical/special split made the whole battle system bigger, plus forced them to introduce heaps of new moves to balance out the system. Also, Wi-Fi was a huge, needed leap for the series.
    Worst: Some of the new evolutions were just really unnecessary, and seemed like they were just there because there weren't enough new Pokémon designs. Speaking of that, the DP Sinnoh Dex. The choice of Infernape or Rapidash that everyone had to make.

    Generation V
    Best: Feels very fresh and new. Solid region, Pokémon, and characters. A really fleshed out story. Amazing graphics.
    Worst: Still feels a little bit like two steps forward and one back. Where are the Walking Pokémon? The VS Seeker? How about the Battle Frontier?
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    Default Re: Best and worst features in each Generation

    Gen 1

    Pros: Pokemon obviously....
    Cons: Psychic owns everything

    Gen 2

    Pros: Day/Night System
    Cons: People calling you for no reason whatsoever. (Yeah I'm talking about you Mom. I don't give a damn if you spent my money on a PokeDoll).

    Gen 3

    Pros: Great background music and interesting landscapes and city locations (Fortree, Pacifidlog, Sootopolis)
    Cons: Day/Night system gone and nothing to do after beating the E4.

    Gen 4

    Pros: Migration ( It's the closest I'l get to trading)
    Cons: Too many evolutions of existing Pokemon. Oh and Defog, most def.

    Gen 5

    Actual character development
    Moving sprites
    Random Wi-fi battles.

    Touchscreen became useless again
    No auto-run
    No walking Pokemon
    No Battle Factory

    Best change to date: Reusable TM's.
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    Default Re: Best and worst features in each Generation

    -Never played any generation 1 game, but obviously it's best feature was being invented
    -Can't remember anything about generation 2
    -Generation 3
    best: loved the plot, characters, and pokemon. Plus graphics, and that LG/FR were remakes of the origional games
    worst:Berry glitch, and for that matter, growing berries. Too much surfing, and there was nothing to do after the league, and no breeding in FR/LG(till after the league)
    -Generation 4 D/P/Pt
    best: THE MUSIC, I think I loved D/Ps lake music, sooo relaxing.Also the fact it was made for DS, and plot, graphics, and pokemon, of course.
    worst: Defog. nuff' said
    -Generation 4 HG/SS
    best: again the fact that they are remakes, plus pokemon walking outside the poke balls, loved that. I couldn't care less that Jhoto is connected to Kanto, makes it cooler. Also, I may have said D/P was the best music, but I was wrong, the most amazing musics with and without the GB sounds are in this game (it's incrediably nostalgic for me)
    worst: Team Rocket. They were pathetic to say the least. Also that there are again too many HMs.
    -Generation 5
    best: different versions have different places and aesthetic changes, moving battle sprites, Ah-maz-ing new pokemon (as always) also that it had wonderful 3D graphics
    worst: I don't really like Cheren and Bianca showing up to battle you EVERYWHERE. It's great for the exp but it bugs me that they do that.
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