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    Default Berry Mutations and Berry Trading

    I've been trying different berry tree combinations to get mutations and it occurred to me that a thread where people post what berry tree combos result in what mutations would be incredibly useful. I'm also interested in trading berries if anyone else is.

    Pecha and Oran berry trees next to each other give you Qualot berry mutations. Aspear and Leppa berry trees give you Hondew berry mutations.

    I currently have Roseli, Chople, Yache, Iapapa, Mago, Sitrus, Persim, Oran, Leppa, Aspear, Pecha, Hondew, and Qualot berries.

    Three Pecha berries into the composter gives you surprise mulch. Two Pecha and an Aspear gives you a boost mulch. A Persim, Oran, and Aspear berry gives you a boost mulch as well.

    Those are the only combos I took note of. I hope this might be beneficial to some.
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    Default Re: Berry Mutations and Berry Trading

    Mulch (and berry juice) is based on berry colour, not necessarily type. There's already a lot of guides on the mutations berries can least the mutations yielding in EV reducing berries and the first few stat pinch berries, and the two new berries.

    Pokémon X & Y - Berry Fields
    Ultimate Berry Farm Guide (small spoilers) - Pokemon X Message Board for 3DS - GameFAQs

    Berry Color:

    Blue: Apicot, Coba, Kelpsy, Maranga, Oran, Passho, Rowap, Yache
    Green: Aguav, Babiri, Durin, Hondew, Kebia, Lum, Micle, Rabuta, Rawst, Rindo, Salac, Starf, Tanga, Wepear
    Pink: Mago, Magost, Nanab, Pecha, Persim, Petaya, Roseli, Watmel
    Purple: Belue, Bluk, Chesto, Colbur, Cornn, Ganlon, Kasib, Pamtre, Payapa, Wiki
    Red: Cheri, Chople, Custap, Figy, Haban, Lansat, Leppa, Liechi, Occa, Pomeg, Spelon, Tamato
    Yellow: Aspear, Charti, Chilan, Grepa, Iapapa, Jaboca, Kee, Nomel, Pinap, Qualot, Shuca, Sitrus, Wacan
    I'm wondering if there are berry mutations with berries that have varying growth rates, however. If there is, it would be crucial to know how long until they reach the blooming phase so we can plant them apart so that both have flowers in bloom at the same time allowing for cross-pollination.

    Of the pinch berries, we have the five traditional stat boosting berries, Liechi, Ganlon, Pataya, Apicot, and Salac. There is still Lansat and Starf, as well as the new Gen V berries, but those were typically special event berries, but it may be worth looking to see if we can get these mutations.

    The gamefaqs thread is claiming that Lansat and Starf are given out after winning 100 streaks (and possibly 200) in the Maison, which if I recall, is consistent to how they were obtained in Emerald.


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