Any Pokemon Tips to Share?

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Thread: Any Pokemon Tips to Share?

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    Default Any Pokemon Tips to Share?

    Please do share them here!
    If there is already a thread like this, please do send a link or let me know! If this is not in the right Forum, let me notice this!

    Anyways, this is my first thread, so I would like to know any tips not from the game itself, but from you! It can be any tip, certain Pokémon that can be very helpful to your Pokémon team, secrets, useful moves and ways to win a battle...Anything! Please, do not complain if you do not like a certain persons idea/tip, instead just probably edit it or something, and see if they agree.

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    Default Re: Any Pokemon Tips to Share?

    Well, I use this setup for catching Pokemon which can be very useful...

    Watchog Name:  watchog.png
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    Item: Leftovers | Ability: Keen Eye | Nature: Careful

    - Thunder Wave
    - Hypnosis
    - Super Fang
    - Mean Look

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    Default Re: Any Pokemon Tips to Share?

    try to avoid sporing first turn with breloom
    use mean look gastly in gsc if you want to catch things that might run away
    use u-turn if you want to gain momentum
    never use life orbs in the main story because you WILL have to heal all the time


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