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    I thought up a few, so here are the basics of it. Borrowing the template of the poster above me, cause it's a good way to do this. The region would be called Exodus and Victory Road/Elite Four reside in Genesis Mountain, which ties into the myth surrounding the legendary in this region called Kukulaconda, The fire/dragon type that brought the spark of creation to the land with help from two others, Tezcabyss (Dark/Dragon) and Apeppour (water/dragon)
    Title: The Burning Heart of Fogo City!
    Type: Fire
    Team: Arcanine Lv 10,Cyndaquil Lv. 12, Blaziken Lv 12
    TM: Fire Blast

    2. Breezy
    Title: They Sky High Trainer guy!
    Type: Flying
    Team:Archeops Lv. 15, Aerodactyl Lv. 18, Tranquill Lv 20
    TM: Aerial Ace

    3. Sparky
    Title:The high voltage gym leader!
    Type: Electricity
    Team: Raichu Lv. 20, Electabuzz Lv. 23, Flaffy Lv. 25
    TM: Zap Cannon

    Gives you the HM Flash when you help in the fight against Team Glyph and their plans for his city

    4. GioGio (giorno)
    Title: The lowbrow humor crown holder!
    Type: Ground
    Team:Sandshrew Lv 27, Rhydon Lv 29 Nidoking Lv. 31

    TM: Fissure

    5. Leon
    Title: The Frostbite fighter!
    Type: Ice
    Team: Beartic Lv. 33, Dewgong Lv. 36, Walrein lv. 39
    TM: Ice Beam

    Title: The Shade wearing shade loving gym leader
    type: Dark
    Team: Houndoom Lv. 42, Weaville Lv 45, Hydreigon Lv. 48
    TM: Snatch

    Title: The industrial-minded gym leader
    type: Steel
    Team:Skarmory Lv. 51, Scizor Lv. 53, Aggron Lv. 55
    TM: Gyro Ball

    8. Rock (short for Rocky, Rocky Joe)
    Title: The Fighting Teacher of Combate City!
    Type: Fighting
    Team: Mienshao Lv. 57, Lucario Lv. 59, Poliwrath Lv. 61
    TM: Counter

    In the sequel, Rock's younger brother Stone takes over with a Tyrogue, Throh and Heracross team.

    Elite Four

    Type: Rock
    Team: Tyranitar, Armaldo, Shieldon, Onix, Graveler, Golem (levels 57-61)

    Type: Grass
    Team, Sceptile, Simisage, Venusaur, Tropius, Torterra (Levels 57 -61)
    TM's and Elite Four to come later

    Type: Psychic
    Team: Espeon, Gothitelle, Sigilyph, Xatu, Musharna, Reuniclus (levels 57-61)

    Type: Poison
    Team: Seviper, Garbodor, Muk, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Drapion (Levels 57-61)

    Champion turns out to be Agent Rem (short for reminiscent) of Team Alpha!

    He beats your rival to the previous champion, King (who had a team of Kingdra, Drudiggon, Hydreigon, Dragonite, Dragoair and Fraxure levels 62-66) with his own eclectic team and one of the trapped
    legendaries (at level 70) of Genesis Mountain. His team is made up of the final forms of starters from the previous generations (Charizard, Blastoise, Feraligatr, Empoleon, and Swampert) along with the legendary. Once you beat Rem and stop Team Alpha, you're made Champion. Post-game you can fight everybody again but each leader will be at a much higher level, and the Elite four will be at levels 65-70

    In the sequel, Rock becomes the Champion (due to your skills as a trainer showing him that there are still great fights out there) and you have to fight him with a stronger fighting team. Once you beat him, he'll invite you to the Pokemon World Tournament and let you reign as champion, enjoying the experience of being a contender again.
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    Gym 1: Armstrong City Gym
    Gym Leader: Gina Armstrong
    Name Origin: Armstrong is a Scottish Borders Surname
    Type: Fighting
    Title: Desert Heroine
    Team: Machoke, Mienfoo, Meditite
    Badge: Strength
    TM: Rock Smash

    Gym 2: Kittensville Gym
    Gym Leader: Zoe Juarez
    Name Origin: Zoe means "Life" in Greek
    Type: Mix
    Title: The Konekokage of Kittensville
    Team: Meowth, Purrloin, Luxio
    Badge: Kitten
    TM: Subsitute

    Gym 3: Juarez City Gym
    Gym Leader: Lulu Juarez
    Name Origin: Lulu is Arabic for Pearl, Swahili, Tanzanian, and Huwaiian for "precious", "pearl", "calm", "peaceful", and "proctected"
    Type: Psychic
    Title: Psychic Leader of Juarez City and Twin of the Konekokage
    Team: Gothorita, Sigilyph, Exeggutor
    Badge: Twin
    TM: Reflect

    Gym 4: Acchind Gym
    Gym Leader: Padme Acchindra
    Name Origin: Acchindra is Hindu name meaning Flawless or Perfect
    Type: Dragon
    Title: The Lotus Dragon
    Team: Kingdra, Garchomp, Haxorus
    Badge: Industrial
    TM: Dragon Tail

    Gym 4 (Alternate): Fasciatus City Gym
    Gym Leader: Shanmao Fasciatus
    Name Origin: Shanmao is Chinese for Bobcat, had to change it from Bobby since it is more of a male name then female, Fasciatus is a reference to a bobcat subspecies that lives in Oregan, Washington west of the cascade ridge, southwestern BC, and Northwestern California
    Type: Normal
    Title: The Playful Trikster of Fasciatus City
    Team: Lopunny, Ambipom, Persian
    Badge: Trickster
    TM: Trick Room

    Gym 5: Ramir Gym
    Gym Leader: Angelica Ramirez
    Name Origin: Angelica is a group of biennial and perennial herb species
    Type: Bug
    Title: Sneaky Spider
    Team: Galvantula, Ariados, Ninjask
    Badge: Arachnis
    TM: X-Scissor

    Gym 5 (Alternate): Diamondback City Gym
    Gym Leader: Wes Diamondback
    Name Origin: Wes Diamondback is a referense to the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
    Type: Poison
    Title: Devious Snake
    Team: Arbok, Seviper, Amoongus
    Badge: Viper
    TM: Venoshock

    Gym 6: Indir Gym
    Gym Leader: Kikyo Indira
    Name Origin: Kikyo is Japanese for Chinese Bellflower
    Type: Grass
    Title: Wild Gothic Healer
    Team: Lilligant, Cacturne, Tangrowth
    Badge: Ancient
    TM: Solar Beam

    Gym 6 (Alternate): Krugeri City Gym
    Gym Leader: Leon Krugeri
    Name Origin: Leon Krugeri is a reference to Panthera Leo Krugeri or commonly known as the Transvaal Lion
    Type: Steel
    Title: The Lion of Justice
    Team: Bisharp, Bronzong, Scavalier
    Badge: Justice
    TM: Swords Dance

    Gym 7: Sselnoito Gym
    Gym Leader: Sakura Sselnoitome
    Name Origin: Sselnoitome is backwards for Emotionless
    Type: Dark
    Title: Emotionless Cherry Blossom
    Team: Liepard, Bisharp, Crawdaunt
    Badge: Emotionless
    TM: Return

    Gym 7 (Alternate): Raivena City Gym
    Gym Leader: Cora Raivena
    Name Origin: Raivena is hindi for Raven, Cora is short for Corax which is part of the scientific name of the Northern Raven
    Type: Flying
    Title: The Knowledgable Aerial Fighter
    Team: Pidgeot, Staraptor, Unfezant
    Badge: Acrobatic
    TM: Acrobatics

    Gym 8: Sagar Gym
    Gym Leader: Jasmine Sagara
    Name Origin: Sagara is Hindi for Ocean, Also theres a Sagara Clan that existed during the Sengoku Era of Japan
    Type: Water
    Title: The Beauty of Sagar
    Team: Golduck, Tentacruel, Kabutops
    Badge: Ocean
    TM: Rain Dance

    Gym 8 (Alternate): Taiga City Gym
    Gym Leader: Ben Taiga
    Name Origin: Taiga is Japanese for Tiger
    Type: Dragon
    Title: The Tiger of Taiga City
    Team: Salamence, Alteria, Hydreigon
    Badge: Beast
    TM: Dragon Claw

    Elite 4:
    Keiko Khali
    Name Origin: Khali is Hindi for Hollow
    Type: Ghost
    Team: Gengar, Drifblim, Golurk, Jellicent, Dusknoir

    Sanders as-Sahra al-Kubra
    Name Origin: Sanders sounds like sand, as-Sahra al-Kubra is Arabic for "the great Desert"
    Type: Ground
    Team: Hippowdon, Claydol, Excadril, Flygon, Steelix

    A'isa Maharani
    Name Origin: A'isa is Hindi for Ice, Maharani is Hindi for Empress
    Type: Ice
    Team: Mamoswine, Cloyster, Cryogonal, Vanilluxe, Froslass

    Jeevika Maharani
    Name Origin: Jeevika is Hindi for Water, Maharani is Hindi for Empress
    Type: Water
    Team: Starmie, Mantine, Corsola, Wailord, Seaking

    Vana Maharani
    Name Origin: Vana is Hindi for forest, Maharani is Hindi for Empress
    Type: Grass
    Team: Lilligant, Abomasnow, Tangrowth, Ludicolo, Sawsbuck, Cradily
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    I really like the setup you put together EmpressAnna. The alternative gyms idea, your champion, your Elite Four and the names!

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    The champion would be me: I love water types so I would have mostly water types

    Lv. 68 Blastoise
    Lv. 64 Dragonite
    Lv. 66 Gyrados
    Lv. 70 Magikarp (uses flail)
    Lv. 71 Articuno
    Lv. 63 Starmie

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    I've been waiting for a thread like this... Well, here are the Gym Leaders and League of the Ondire region.
    Gym design is a house. The puzzle is navigating the rooms, trying to get to the house's basement and find the Gym Leader. 3 Pokemon owned by Daniel.
    Gym design is a factory. Puzzle is navigating on platforms on gears to get to Spencer's platform at the end of the factory. 3 Pokemon.
    Gym design is a beehive. Puzzle is stepping on a honeycomb-shaped random warp pad puzzle, navigating to the Gym Leader. 4 Pokemon.
    Gym design is a volcano. Puzzle is similar to the Humilau Gym, except with lava and rocks instead. The Gym Leader awaits in the basement of the volcano. 4 Pokemon.
    Gym design is a dance club. Puzzle is fighting your way through the dancing people and flashing lights, getting to the disco-dancing Gym Leader up on stage. 4 Pokemon.
    Gym design is a garden. Puzzle is a giant hedge maze, leading up to the garden itself. There are trainers and wild Pokemon along the way. 5 Pokemon.
    Gym design is a frozen tunnel. You must slide through, sometimes needing to go on the walls, getting to the Gym Leader at the end. 4 Pokemon.
    Gym design is a small city building, similar to the Virbank Gym. The puzzle is going through caves and using Dive to get to the Gym Leader's island. 5 Pokemon.
    Now, on to the League. Elite Four all have five Pokemon, while the Champion has six.
    Room design is a seismologist's lab.
    Room design is a lonely, romantic ballroom.
    Room design is a garage-like area.
    Room design is a trashed rock club.
    Room design is a black hole.
    If this post is popular, I will post backstories and designs.

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    Gym 1: Poison Type
    Badge: Thorn Badge
    Name: Lily
    1. Zubat; Inner Focus
    Moves: Supersonic, Sludge Bomb, Bite and Leech Life.
    2.Gulpin; Liquid Ooze
    Attacks: Sludge Wave, Pound, Poison Gas and Yawn.
    3. Nidorina; Poison Pin
    Moves: Double Kick, Poison Jab, Poison Sting, Tail Whip.
    TM: Sludge Ball

    Gym 2: Steel Type
    Badge: Iron Badge
    Name: Titiana
    1. Aron; Sturdy
    Attacks: Iron Tail, Take Down, Roar and Iron Defense.
    2. Mawile; Hyper-Cutter
    Attacks: Vice Grip, Charge Beam, Attract, and Bite.
    3. Kling; Pluse
    Attack: Bind, Geargrind, Wild Charge and Thundershock.
    TM: Iron Tail

    Gym 3 Ghost
    Badge: Memory Badge
    1. Misdreavus; Levitate
    Attacks: Confuse Ray, Hex, Mean Look, Shadow Ball.
    2.Duskull; Levitate
    Attacks: Shadow Sneak, Shadow Ball, Disable and Night Shade
    3.Driftloon; Aftermath
    Attacks: Shadow Ball, Payback, Stockpile, Focus Energy.
    4. Yamask; Mummy
    Attack: Shadow Ball, Will-o-Wisp, Disable, Protect.
    TM: Shadow Ball

    Gym 4: Dark Type
    Badge: Night Badge
    Name: Vincent
    1. Umbreon
    Attack: Confuse Ray, Torment, Assurance, and Faint Attack
    2.Mightyena; Intimidate
    Attack: Torment, Bite, Roar and Toxic
    Attacks: Metal Claw, Torment, Scary Face, and Faint Attack.
    4. Mukrow; Super Luck
    Attack: Assurance, Torment, Fly and Wing Attack.
    TM: Torment

    Gym 5; Fightning
    Badge: Honor Badge
    Name: Lee
    1. Primeape; Vital Spirit
    Attacks: Brick Break, Seismic Toss, Assurance and Karate Chop.
    2.Machamp; Guts
    Attack: Brick Break, Vital Throw, Vegeance, and Foresight.
    3. Sawk; Sturdy
    Attacks: Brick Break, Karate Chop, Counter and Low Sweep.
    4. Mienfoo; Inner Focus
    Attacks: Brick Break, Drain Punch, Force Palm, Clear Mind.
    5.Breloom; Effect Spore
    Attacks: Brick Break, Sky Uppercut, Mach Punch, Mega Drain.
    TM: Brick Break

    Gym 6: Ground
    Name: Pan
    1.Donphan; Sturdy
    Attacks: Roll Out, Earthquake, Scary Face, Magnitude
    2. Claydol; Levitate
    Attacks: Earthquake, Hyperbeam, Power Split, Earth Power.
    3.Gliscor; Sand Veil
    Attack: Sandstorm, Earthquake, X-Scissor and Sky Uppercut.
    4.Exacdril; Sand Rush
    Attacks: Earthquake, Slash, Rock Silde and Dig.
    5. Krookodile; Intimidate
    Attack: Earthquake, Crunch, Dig and Foul Play.
    TM: Earthquake

    Gym 7:Grass
    Badge: Scent Badge
    Name: Rose
    1.Torterra; Overgrow
    Attacks: Solar Beam, Crunch, Synthesis, Giga Drain
    2.Tropius; Solar Power
    Attack: Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Fly and Air Slash.
    3.Tangrowth; Leaf Guard
    Attacks: Solar Beam, Giga Drain, Poison Jab and Grass Knot.
    4.Leafeon; Leaf Guard
    Attack: Solar Beam, Sunny Day, Leaf Blade and Shadow Ball.
    5.Carnivine; Levitate
    Attack: Solar Beam, Crunch, Stockpile and Swallow
    TM: Solar Beam

    Gym 8: Flying
    Badge: Sky Badge
    1. Pidgeot; Keen Eye
    Attack: Return, Mirror Move, Aerial Ace, Roost
    2. Noctowl; Insomnia
    Attack: Return, Foresight, Extrasensory and Air Slash
    Attack: Brave Bird, Close Combat, Agility and Take Down.
    4.Swellow; Gust
    Attack: Return, Aerial Ace, Agility and Double Team
    5. Braviary; Sheer Force
    Attack: Sky Drop, Superpower, Crush Claw and Agility.

    Elite 4:

    Elite 1: Psychic
    1.Espeon; Synchronize
    Attack: Light Screen, Calm Mind, Future Sight and Psychock
    2. Gardevoir; Synchornize
    Attack: Imprison, Psychic, Reflect and Telekinses
    3.Musharna; Forewarn
    Attacks: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Psybeam and Psyshock
    4.Swoobat; Unaware
    Attack: Future Sight, Psychic, Air Slash and Fly.
    5.Metagross; Clear Body
    Attack: Meteor Mash, Hammer Arm, Iron Defense, Agility.
    6. Bronzong; Levitate
    Attack: Confuse Ray, Heal Block, Heavy Slam and Extrasensory

    Elite 2: Electric
    Name: Trem
    1. Galvantula; Compound Eyes
    Attacks: Bug Buzz, Discharge, Thunder, X-scissor
    2.Zebstrika; Lightningrod
    Attack: Toxic, Stomp, Agility and Volt Switch
    Attack: Brick Break, Dragon Tail, Acrobatics and Discharge
    4.Manetric; Static
    Attacks: Wild Charge, Thunder Fang, Double Team and Thunder
    5. Ampharos; Static
    Attack: Focus Blast, Signal Beam, Thunder Punch and Thunder
    6.Jolteon; Volt Absorb
    Attack: Agility, Thunder, Double Kick and Discharge.

    Elite 3: Water
    Name: Triton
    1. Tentacruel; Liquid Ooze
    Attack: Sludge Wave, Hydro Pump, Surf and Ice Beam
    2.Gyarados; Intimidate
    Attack: Thunderbolt, Crunch, Hydro pump and Dragon Rage.
    3.Poliwrath; Damp
    Attacks: Scald, Brick Break, Dynamic Punch and Blizzard
    4. Lanturn; Volt Absorb
    Attacks: Aqua Ring, Discharge, Charge and Toxic
    5.Quaqsire; Water Absorb
    Attacks: Muddy Water, Focus Blast, Dig and Waterfall.
    6.Kingdra; Sniper
    Attack: Dragon Pulse, Flash Cannon, Agility and Hydro Pump.

    Elite 4: Rock
    Name: Rosetta
    1.Gigalith; Sturdy
    Attack: Flash Cannon, Double team, Stone Edge and Stealth Rock
    2.Archeops; Defeatist
    Attack: Fly, Dragon Claw, Eathquake and Double-team
    3.Tyranitar; Sand Stream
    Attack: Shadow Claw, Earthquake, Crunch and Giga Impact.
    4.Kabutops; Battle Armor
    Attack: Surf, Mega Drain, Night Slash, Brick Bream
    Attack: Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Double-Edge and Iron tail.
    6.Armaldo; Battle Armor
    Attack: X-Scissor, Dig, Double Team and Aerial Ace.

    Champion: Normal Type
    Name: Simone
    1.Tauros; Anger Point
    Attack: Surf, Thunderbolt, Thrash, Work Up.
    2. Kangaskhan; Scrappy
    Attack: Sucker Punch, Work Up, Attract and Earthquake
    3.Ursaring; Quick Feet
    Attack: Hammer Arm, Rest, Retaliate, Stone Edge.
    4.Bouffalant; Sap Sipper
    Attack: Giga Impact, Sword Dance, Earthquake and Megahorn
    5.Miltank; Scrappy
    Attack: Roll Out, Thunder Wake, Heal Bell and Double-Team
    6. Snorlax; Thick Fat
    Attack: Roll Out, Rest, Giga Impact and HyperBeam.

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    Lol I don't have names for the gyms and their badges yet; I think you'll find the Elite Four very familiar :), and no, the champion isn't me :)

    Gym 1: Ghost Type (focuses on defense)
    Sableye, Spiritomb

    Gym 2: Flying type (focuses on speedy attacks)
    Staraptor, Braviary, Pidgeot

    Gym 3: Steel type (focuses on defensive stalls)
    Aggron, Skarmory, Klingklang, Ferrothorn

    Gym 4: Grass type (focuses on gimmicks like sleep, paralysis, and life drains)
    Leavanny, Tropius, Roserade, Breloom, Venusaur

    Gym 5: Water type (focuses on balanced attack and defense)
    Poliwrath, Alomomola, Gyarados, Milotic

    Gym 6: poison type (focuses on status, slow kills, mediocre offense)
    Koffing, Croagunk, Skuntank, Gengar

    Gym 7: Fire type (focuses on offense)
    Charizard, Chandelure, Blaziken, Ninetales

    Gym 8: Psychic type (focuses on sleep status and special attacks)
    Espeon, Metagross, Gardevoir, Musharna

    Elite Four:
    (in order)

    -focuses on HARD attacks
    -Rampardos, Krookodile, Scizor, Infernape, Swampert

    -focuses on FAST attacks
    -Zebstrika, Emolga, Ninjask, Crobat, Raichu

    -focuses on gimmicks, stalls, annoying moves)
    -Zoroark, Cofagrigus, Scrafty, Shedinja, Hypno

    -Fairly balanced attacker
    -Gallade, Flygon, Abomasnow, Kingdra, Lucario

    Champion: Jin

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    I find this so fun.

    Gym #1 - Electric (Valerie)

    Mareep Lv. 12, Pachirisu Lv. 14

    Gym #2 - Fire (Rick)

    Vulpix Lv. 18, Litwick Lv. 18, Numel Lv. 20

    Gym #3 - Flying (Ariel)

    Pidgeotto Lv. 24, Swablu Lv. 24, Noctowl Lv. 26

    Gym #4 - Normal (John)

    Kecleon Lv. 29, Stantler Lv. 29, Sawsbuck Lv. 31

    Gym #5 - Steel (Stella)

    Magneton Lv. 33, Steelix Lv. 33, Skarmory Lv. 33, Probopass Lv. 35

    Gym #6 - Ghost (Derek)

    Banette Lv. 37, Frillish Lv. 37, Dusclops Lv. 37, Sableye Lv. 37, Mismagius Lv. 39

    Gym #7 - Bug (Selena)

    Accelgor Lv. 42, Escavalier Lv. 42, Yanmega Lv. 42, Vespiquen Lv. 44

    Gym #8 - Dark (Ulrika)

    Shiftry Lv. 45, Bisharp Lv. 45, Absol Lv. 45, Umbreon Lv. 45, Honchkrow Lv. 47

    Couldn't come up with an Elite Four just yet.

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    I've been running a game that is a combination of D&D 3.5, Pokemon, and Fallout, called Pokemonapocalypse. Trainers have guns, and fight in most non-gym leader fights. Basically Team Rocket tried to send out a signal to control all pokemon but it failed and caused all pokemon not in ultra balls to go berserk and feral towards people. Numerous towns fell victim to the feral pokemon such as Cinnabar and Cerulean city. The game has numerous aggressive gangs in it, as Kanto is a much more dangerous world than ever before. Basic Trainers only have 1-2 pokemon, while exceptional trainers have 3, and the elite four have 4. The storyline of the game revolves around Silph Co. trying to defend humanity from Mewtwo's invading army, while the Shadow Crows attempt to overthrow Silph Co and steal their technology. Below is a short rundown of the gym battles, and a couple prominent characters in the game.

    The Boulder Badge (Rock)
    Gym Leader: Brock
    City: Pewter City Museum
    Pokemon: Onix (15), Graveller (15)
    Reward: Rock Throw TM
    Battle Description: Team up with a rival to face off against Brock in a double battle. The brawl takes place in a large cavern.

    The Insect Badge (Bug)
    Gym Leader: Viktor Kraul
    City: Haven Tunnel
    Pokemon: Parasect (24), Ariados (24)
    Reward: U-Turn TM
    Battle Description: Take on Viktor Kraul in a singles battle, with fire moves prohibited. The fight takes place in cobweb filled tunnels.

    The Jungle Badge (Grass)
    Gym Leader: Dr. Natalie Crane
    City: Rocket City
    Pokemon: Exeggutor (30), Persian (30), Victreebel (30)
    Reward: Giga Drain TM
    Battle Description: Deep below Rocket City, wild Persian prowl the overgrown jungle. Hunt Dr. Crane while avoiding the wild jungle cats.

    The Raider Badge (Fire)
    Gym Leader: Kruger
    City: Raider’s Underground
    Pokemon: Rapidash (35), Jolteon (35)
    Reward: Rain of Fire TM
    Battle Description: After surviving the battle pits of the Raider’s Underground, Kruger is fought in a winner take all match, with four parties each having two pokemon in a free for all.

    The Fist Badge (Fighting)
    Gym Leader: Fujitaki
    City: Department City
    Pokemon: Hitmonchan (39), Primeape (39), Machamp (39)
    Reward: Rocket Punch TM
    Battle Description: Fujitaki of the Fist challenges you to an electrified cage match atop Department City. Defeat him in a singles battle to earn the Fist Badge.

    The Nightmare Badge (Ghost/Dark)
    Gym Leader: Baron Underhill
    City: Lavender Crypts
    Pokemon: Gengar (45), Honchkrow (45), Weavile (45)
    Reward: Possession TM
    Battle Description: Simply survive 10 turns against Baron Underhill as the crypt comes “alive” attempting to defeat you.

    The Venom Badge (Poison)
    Gym Leader: Koga
    City: Fuchsia City
    Pokemon: Crobat (50), Weezing (50), Venasaur (50)
    Reward: Sludge Cannon TM
    Battle Description: Located in the toxic labyrinth your pokemon will slowly take poison damage over time. Defeat Koga quickly to win. Use of items is prohibited.

    The Hurricane Badge (Flying)
    Gym Leader: Steamy Colorados
    City: Saffron City
    Pokemon: Dragonite (55), Charizard (55), Aerodactyl (55), Skarmory (55), Gyrados (55), Xatu (55)
    Reward: Hurricane TM
    Battle Description: Team up again with your rival as you face off against the final gym leader in an epic double battle. The battle occurs on the top of Silph Co, moments before Moltres & Articuno attack.

    The First Elite Four Member
    Name: Nathan Flood
    City: Saffron
    Pokemon: Tentacruel (57), Starmie (57), Kabutops (57), Cloyster (57)
    Reward: Flood TM
    Battle Description: Face off against Flood on a beach, however the tide is coming in fast, and land shrinks as the battle progresses.

    The Second Elite Four Member
    Name: Sabrina
    City: Saffron
    Pokemon: Alakazam (58), Hypno (58), Slowbro (58), Espeon (58)
    Reward: Psycho Blast
    Battle Description: Battle Sabrina in a majestic hall, your pokemon teleport randomly over the map at the start of each turn.

    The Third Elite Four Member
    Name: Gold
    City: Saffron
    Pokemon: Jynx (59), Tyranitar (59), Feraligator (59), Scizor (59)
    Reward: Hyper Beam TM
    Battle Description: The weather cycles between hail, sun, rain, and sandstorm each turn.

    The Fourth Elite Four Member
    Name: Lt. Surge
    City: Saffron
    Pokemon: Zapdos (60), Jolteon (60), Magnezone (60), Raiku (60)
    Reward: Lightning Cannon TM
    Battle Description: Numerous exploding Electrodes & Voltorbs make this battle tricky for both combatants.

    Miscellaneous Villains

    Flash Bradley – Voltorb (8), Magnemite (8)
    Gina Tuggs – Wigglytuff (14)
    Chris “Croc Daddy” Willams – Croconaw (16)
    Allan Crisp – Ponyta (19)
    Sid “Sicko” Warren – Muk (22), Haunter (22)
    Michael Flood – Seadra (28), Seaking (28)
    Kenny “Rat-a-tat-tat” McGregor – Raticate (29)
    Espen “Killer” Knutsen – Kabutops (35)
    Tom “Dynamite” Eddy – Donphan (35)
    Lisa Sparks – Electivire (40), Electrode (40)
    Jean-Luc Giroux – Mr. Mime (46), Hypno (46)
    Richard Byrd – Dodrio (48)

    Miscellaneous Characters

    Vincent Kraul – Scyther (12)
    Striper – Fearow (16)
    The Cerulean Sniper – Pidgeot (21)
    Don “Superstar” Sanderson – Starmie (35)
    Sir Chesterfield – Scizor (41), Steelix (41)
    The Scarlett Witch – Mismagius (55), Jynx (55), Ninetales (55)

    Shadow Crow Characters
    Cyberclaw – Kingler (38), Gliscor (38) – His cybernetic body grants him exceptional strength.
    Batlord – Crobat (42) x2 – Has command over all bat pokemon. Attacks with swarms.
    The Multiple Man – Ditto (53) x3 – Master of disguise uses Ditto in his evil schemes.
    Deadshot – Electrode (63), Mr. Mime (63), Skarmory (63) – The famed marksman is said never to miss.
    Tkachuk – Magmortar (65), Rhypherior (65), Tangrowth (65) – The shadowy head of the Shadow Crows is a master of deception.

    Legendary/Special Pokemon
    - Earthshaker (25), a giant Dugtrio with improved stats.
    - The Black Persian (30), an electric/normal type Persian with enhanced stats.
    - Lockjaw (31), a giant Feraligator with improved stats.
    - Ghost Marowak (43), a ghost/ground type Marowak with enhanced stats.
    - Super Steelix (49), a giant Steelix with incredible stats.
    - Moltres & Articuno (56)
    - Mewtwo (70), serves only as an enemy, cannot be captured.

    The Electric Brigade (Electric)
    The Swarm (Bug)
    The Pewter City Gang (Normal)
    Mt. Moon Marauders (Melee)
    The Firing Squad (Fire)
    Team Toxic (Poison)
    Tsunami Team (Water
    The Artillery Six (Explosives)
    The Tunnel Rats (Normal)
    The Frozen Four (Ice)
    The Steel Clan (Steel)
    La Resistance (Psychic Snipers)
    The Flock (Flying)
    Dragon Force (Dragon)
    The Shadow Crows (Dark/Fire/Poison)

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    This is all I can come up with for now. The rest is WIP.

    Main Pokemon are in Bold. New Pokemon are in italics.

    1 Rocky / 玉 Tama
    Gym: Cavarock City
    Type: Rock
    Badge: Rubble
    Pokemon: Onix Lv. 11, Roclub (Rock/Fighting, Humanoid, with a large stone club) Lv. 14.
    Name Origin: From "Rock." Japanese name from "Tamaichi," meaning boulder.

    2 Nate / ブラフマ Brahma
    Gym: City
    Type: Dark
    Badge: Midnight
    Pokemon: Hondour Lv. 18, Murkrow Lv. 18, Radiox (Dark/Psychic, Strange Creature comprised of radio waves) Lv. 22
    Name Origin: Derived from "Night." Japanese Name is from Brahma Kamal, a flower that blooms only at night.

    3 Ashley / カト Kat
    Gym: Caldera Town
    Type: Fire
    Badge: Ember
    Pokemon: Laveel Lv. 28, Lavamprey Lv. 30, Magmoray Lv. 32 (Fire, Fire, Fire/Water, Evolutionary line of eels which have evolved to swim in lava)
    Name Origin: From "Ash." Japanese Name is from "Kasai," lit. fire

    4 Lief / バラ Bara
    Gym: Grasswood Villiage
    Type: Grass
    Badge: Petal
    Pokemon: Eucala Lv. 37 (Grass, Basically just a Koala,) Roserade Lv. 37, Cradily Lv. 40
    Name Origin: From "Leaf." Japanese Name is "Bara," lit. Rose

    These Two are one (sea) route apart, BTW.

    5 Brooke / スイレン Suiren
    Gym: Aquadome City
    Type: Water
    Badge: Coral
    Pokemon: Ludicolo Lv. 39, Brenkora Lv. 41 (Water/Psychic, Based off brain coral, face is a bit like Female Jellicent's,) Corsorok Lv. 44 (Non-Sucky Evolution of Corsola. Need I say more?)
    Name Origin: From "Brook." Japanese name is literally "water lily"

    6 WIP - Most likely Ice

    7 WIP - Most likely Ground

    8 Axel / シャク Shaku
    Gym: Ironet City
    Type: Steel
    Badge: Alloy
    Pokemon: WIP
    Name Origin: From "Axle" and Axl Rose. Japanese name from "Jishaku," lit. magnet

    I'll get around to the Elite Fours, I promise!
    WIP, most likely Psychic, Bug, Poison, and Fighting

    CHAMP Aires / クコジ Kukoji
    Type: Flying
    Pokemon: WIP
    Name Origin: From "Air." Japanese name comes from "Kuki no Oji" lit. Prince of Air
    NOTE: Reluctant Prince of the region

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    Default Hypothetical Gym Leaders!

    Lets say by some miracle, Game Freak asks you to design a new gym leader. Who would you create? Example:

    Name: Monica
    Derivation: from "monarch butterfly"
    Type: Bug
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, wears loose black shirt and shorts, long, droopy cloak shaped and colored like a butterflies wings.
    Badge: 4th, Luminosity Badge

    You don't have to follow this format.

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    Default Re: Hypothetical Gym Leaders!

    From "Dante's Inferno"
    His hair is black and covers his right eye, his eyes are blue, and he wears baggy leather clothes. He's in his early twenties.
    He is the fifth gym leader and gives you the Eruption Badge upon defeat. He has a Lampent, Camerupt, and Houndoom.
    I have claimed: Staraptor (01/12/13), Shiny Stone (02/12/13), and Limber (02/12/13).

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    Default Re: Hypothetical Gym Leaders!

    Name: Luna
    Origin: Latin origin meaning "the moon"
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Luna is a very beautiful & graceful young lady. She has a straight long black hair with white streaks on the front strands. She has grey eyes and pale skin. Wears short grey dress and black leggings. She has silver metal cuff bracelets.
    Personality: Luna is a theatre actress. She's very sociable, people oriented and likes to influence others. She's very open minded and has aesthetic appreciation for beauty.
    Type Specialty: Dark (6th Gym and gives Serenity badge upon defeat)
    Kenta's Pokemon Party

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    Default Re: Hypothetical Gym Leaders!

    Quote Originally Posted by cityvillain View Post
    Name: Luna
    Origin: Latin origin meaning "the moon"
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Luna is a very beautiful & graceful young lady. She has a straight long black hair with white streaks on the front strands. She has grey eyes and pale skin. Wears short grey dress and black leggings. She has silver metal cuff bracelets.
    Personality: Luna is a theatre actress. She's very sociable, people oriented and likes to influence others. She's very open minded and has aesthetic appreciation for beauty.
    Type Specialty: Dark (6th Gym and gives Serenity badge upon defeat)
    Dark-type leader... I like it! Not the typical "shady character" most fanon dark leaders are.

    Name: Miller
    Derivation: From "mill"
    Type: Steel
    Gender: Male
    Appearence: rough (but not unkempt) gray hair, Gray eyes, wears a buissness suit and has a faded scar on his cheek.
    Badge: 3rd, Industry Badge

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    Default Re: Hypothetical Gym Leaders!

    This gym leader specialises in fire types.

    Name - Blaze
    Derivation - Blaze from a fire.
    Type - Fire
    Gender - Male
    Appearance - Blaze is a young energetic gym leader with wild red bushy hair. He has orange eyes, unusually and is quite thin. He wears a red t - shirt and a lab coat due to studying fire type pokemon when he is not battling. He has black shorts and wears black and orange sneakers.
    Badge - 7th, Ember Badge
    Pokemon -
    Heatmor Lv46
    Darmanitan Lv48
    Emboar Lv50
    Simsear Lv47
    First Quote -
    Welcome to my gym, it perplexes me that you made it this far and handled the heat. I study fire type pokemon and as everyone knows they are the BEST! I am also a gym leader, a really tough gym leader. Dare to take me on. Things are gonna heat up alot more! Let's BATTLE!
    Losing Quote -
    What, I lost. This is impossible! Well, I guess you won. Things heated up and I was in for a challenge and I lost. You had a lot of courage to take me on and because you are the victor take this badge.
    Winning Quote -
    Got a bit hot around the collar huh? I told you, you couldn't handle my tough fire types!
    Down Here!

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