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Thread: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    2. Lilli/The Pokemon gardening expert!
    Pokemon: DeerlingLv. 18, LombreLv. 20
    Badge: Blossom Badge
    TM: Grass Knot
    Before battle: "Hey there, trainer. I just planted a tree. Want to help me grow flowers? Oh, a battle? Of course! I accept your challenge!"
    First non-OHKO move: "Your battle aroma! It's a strong scent!"
    Sending in last Pokemon: "No, my grass Pokemon need more sun!"
    Less than half HP: "Your a tough trainer, all right..."
    after winning: "Aha! You were outstanding in that fight! Here is the Blossom Badge. It allows Pokemon up to Lv. 30 to obey you! Here. Take this TM. It is Grass Knot. The heavier the target Pokemon is, the more damage it deals! One more thing, have these berries I grew."
    Gym puzzle cut trees in a path. You will see 5 trainers on the way.
    Shiny Sninx Breeding!
    Hatch Count: 67
    Trying to obtain a Shiny Shinx!

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    Well, here are mine. I just made them off the top of my head.

    I'm a full time Pokemon Breeder! But please visit, I really do appreciate the help.

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    Hmm... Let me think... Got some!

    Gym Leader 1: Manny, Electric specialist, uses level 11 Elekid and level 14 Eelektrik
    Gym Leader 2: Alice, Fire specialist, uses level 19 Magby, Level 21 Growlithe, and Level 23 Simisear
    Gym Leader 3: Carl, Fighting specialist uses Level 24 Scraggy, Level 26 Machoke, Level 27 Hitmonchan, and Level 30 Sawk
    Gym Leader 4: Sammy, Rock specialist, uses Level 32 Nosepass, Level 34 Sudowoodo, Level 35 Pupitar, and Level 38 Crustle
    Gym Leader 5: Sarah, Poison specialist, uses Level 38 Koffing, Level 42 Seviper, Level 44 Golbat, and Level 46 Nidoking
    Gym Leader 6: Natalie, Ground specialist, uses Level 48 Dugtrio, Level 49 Hippowdon, Level 51 Vibrava, Level 53 Rhydon, and Level 55 Whiscash
    Gym Leader 7: Joshua, Steel specialist, uses Level 56 Aggron, level 57 Skamory, level 58 Empoleon, Level 60 Excadrill, and Level 63 Metagross.
    Gym Leader 8: Caleb, Psychic specialist, uses Level 64 Sigilpyh, Level 65 Metagross, Level 67 Bronzong, and Level 70 Gallade.

    Elite Four 1: Colin, non specialist, Level 70 Octillery, Level 70 Crobat, Level 70 Emboar, and Level 73 Torterra
    Elite Four 2: Sarah, non specialist, Level 72 Torterra, Level 72 Charizard, Level 72 Lucario, and Level 75 Raikou.
    Elite Four 3: Tyler, non specialist, Level 75 Ho-Oh, Level 75 Crobat, Level 75 Blaziken, and Level 78 Feraligatr.
    Elite Four 4: Connor, non specialist, Level 78 Tyranitar, Level 78 Metagross, Level 78 Hydregion, and Level 80 Mewtwo.

    The Champion is....

    Champion Jason, non specialist, Typhlosion Lvl 80, Empoleon Lvl 83, Metagross Lvl 82, Zekrom Lvl 85, Giratina Lvl 87, and Blastoise Lvl 92.
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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    funny :)

    Gym 1
    Gym Leader: Ginkgo. (from Ginkgo biloba)
    Type: Grass.
    Bagde: Sprout Badge.
    TM: TM86 (Grass Knot).
    Oddish Lv 12. (Absorb, Sweet Scent, Acid)
    Pansage Lv 12. (Scratch, Leer, Lick, Vine Whip)
    Carnivine Lv 14. (Bind, Growth, Grass Knot, Vine Whip)

    Gym 2
    Gym Leader: Bryan. (from brain)
    Type: Psychic.
    Badge: Hush Badge.
    TM: TM03 (Psyshock).
    Drowzee Lv 19. (Disable, Confusion, Poison Gas, Headbutt)
    Kirlia Lv 20. (Psyshock, Double Team, Lucky Chant, Confusion)
    Swoobat Lv 22. (Assurance, Psyshock, Air Cutter, Heart Stamp)

    Gym 3
    Gym Leader: Alejandra (from DRAgon).
    Type: Dragon.
    Badge: Scale Badge.
    TM: TM82 (Dragon Tail).
    Dratini Lv 27. (Twister, Dragon Tail, Slam, Agility)
    Gabite Lv 30. (Take Down, Sand Tomb, Dual Chop, Slash).

    Gym 4
    Gym Leader: Ruby (from... duh!)
    Type: Rock
    Badge: Solid Badge.
    TM: TM39 (Rock Tomb).
    Sudowoodo Lv 33. (Rock Tomb, Block, Rock Slide, Counter)
    Crustle Lv 33. (Rock Slide, Bug Bite, Stealth Rock, Slash)
    Rhydon Lv 35. (Rock Blast, Rock Tomb, Bulldoze, Scary Face)

    Gym 5
    Gym Leader: Ace (from Acid).
    Type: Poison.
    Badge: Lethal Badge
    TM: TM09 (Venoshock).
    Dustox Lv 36 (Psybeam, Toxic, Whirlwind, Light Screen)
    Ivysaur Lv 36 (Razor Leaf, Toxic, Venoshock, Growth)
    Drapion Lv 39 (Venoshock, Hone Claws, Toxic Spikes, Night Slash)

    Gym 6
    Gym Leader: Burney (from Burn... omg my imagination hates me D: )
    Type: Fire.
    Badge: Celcius Badge.
    TM: TM43 (Flame Charge).
    Litwick lv 38 (Flame Charge, Memento, Inferno, Hex)
    Monferno Lv 39. (Torment, Flame Charge, Close Combat, Fire Spin)
    Rotom-H lv 42. (Overheat, Ominous Wind, Shock Wave, Electro Ball)

    Gym 7
    Gym Leader: Blake (From Black... don't kill me ¬¬)
    Type: Dark.
    Badge: Murk Badge.
    TM: TM66 (Payback).
    Deino Lv 42 (Payback, Dragon Rush, Work Up, Slam).
    Sableye Lv 43 (Will-o-Wisp, Knock Off, Shadow Claw, Faint Attack)
    Absol Lv 44 (Slash, Sword Dance, Future Sight, Night Slash)
    Tyranitar Lv 46 (Payback, Roar, Thrash, Stone Edge).

    Gym 8
    Gym Leader: Macarena (from Machaon, yeah I know some stuff ;D )
    Type: Bug.
    Badge: Cycle Badge.
    TM: TM89 (U-Turn).
    Butterfree Lv 46 (Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Safeguard, Substitute)
    Ariados Lv 46 (X-Scissor, Psychic, Sucker Punch, Spider Web)
    Galvantula Lv 46 (Thunder Wave, ElectroBall, Signal Beam, Agility)
    Scizor Lv 50 (U-turn, X-Scissor, Night Slash, Steel Wing)

    elite four... nah maybe other day

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    I'd use video game characters LOL.

    1: Glass Joe (Bug) - cause Fighting was too weak
    Puzzle: None - you just walk in and fight him.

    Shelmet Lv. 46
    Karrablast Lv. 46
    Shuckle Lv. 47
    Parasect Lv. 49

    2: Ecco the Dolphin (Water)
    Puzzle: Requires Surf because dolphins can't go on land. Gym resembles aquarium.

    Lumineon Lv. 48
    Corsola Lv. 48
    Lanturn Lv. 49
    Octillery Lv. 51

    3: Popo or Nana (Ice)
    Puzzle: Ice sliding (similar to Pryce's Gym)

    Glalie Lv. 51
    Weavile Lv. 51
    Beartic Lv. 53
    Walrein Lv. 54

    (Teams will be identical, except Popo will have male Pokemon, while Nana will have female Pokemon.)

    4: Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man (Ghost)

    Puzzle: Maze with ghost statues preventing you from directly going to leader. (You move them.)

    Drifblim Lv. 53
    Gengar Lv. 53
    Jellicent Lv. 54
    Chandelure Lv. 56

    (Teams will be identical, except Pac-Man will have male Pokemon, while Ms. Pac-Man will have female Pokemon. If you faced Popo, you will face Ms. Pac-Man. If you faced Nana, you will face Pac-Man.)

    5: Princess Peach (Normal)

    Puzzle: Another maze, complete with pink everything.

    Clefable Lv. 56
    Lopunny Lv. 56
    Togekiss Lv. 57
    Braviary Lv. 57
    Blissey Lv. 59

    6: Dig Dug/Taizo Hori (Ground)
    Puzzle: Underground maze

    Hippowdon Lv. 58
    Dugtrio Lv. 58
    Nidoking Lv. 59
    Excadrill Lv. 59
    Garchomp Lv. 61

    7: Morrigan Aensland (Poison)
    Puzzle: Kind of like a dungeon

    Skuntank Lv. 60
    Drapion Lv. 60
    Nidoqueen Lv, 61
    Weezing Lv. 61
    Crobat Lv. 63

    8: Bowser (Dark)
    Puzzle: Similar to Morrigan's, only harder and scarier.

    Cacturne Lv. 64
    Sharpedo Lv. 64
    Bisharp Lv. 65
    Mandibuzz Lv. 65
    Hydreigon Lv. 67

    ELITE 4

    1: Solid Snake (Steel)

    Bronzong Lv. 71
    Scizor Lv. 71
    Skarmory Lv. 73
    Klinklang Lv. 74
    Ferrothorn Lv. 74
    Magnezone Lv. 76

    2: Chun-Li (Fighting)

    Hitmonlee Lv. 73
    Hitmonchan Lv. 73
    Scrafty Lv. 75
    Mienshao Lv. 76
    Lucario Lv. 76
    Blaziken Lv. 78

    3: Mario (Grass)

    Vileplume Lv. 75
    Bellossom Lv. 75
    Breloom Lv. 77
    Jumpluff Lv. 78
    Amoonguss Lv. 78
    Ludicolo Lv. 80

    4: Lara Croft (Rock, mostly)

    Aggron Lv. 77
    Relicanth Lv. 77
    Claydol Lv. 79
    Steelix Lv. 80
    Rhyperior Lv. 80
    Tyranitar Lv. 82

    CHAMPION: Samus Aran (Psychic)

    Lunatone Lv. 83
    Solrock Lv. 83
    Alakazam Lv. 85
    Sigilyph Lv. 86
    Beheeyem Lv. 86
    Metagross Lv. 88

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    Well I don't have much of an idea for gyms. But my friends Charlie Lux, and Lady Nathaly and I came up with this idea for and Elite 4. For a comic we're working on.

    But anyways:

    1st Elite
    Name: Falzy
    Type: Electric
    Team: Magneton, Rotom, Jolteon, Luxray, Lanturn, and Eelektross
    Arena: A junkyard

    2nd Elite
    Name: Erin
    Type: Grass
    Team: Leafeon, Ferrothorn, Breloom, Ludicolo, Cradily, and Exeggutor
    Arena: Greenhouse

    3rd Elite
    Name: Nathaly
    Type: Psychic
    Team: Espeon, Xatu, Gardevoir, Gallade, Metagross, and Starmie
    Arena: A library

    4th Elite
    Name: Duddy
    Type: Fire
    Team: Charizard, Typhlosion, Flareon, Houndoom, Camerupt, and Arcanine
    Arena: Volcano

    Name: Charlie
    Type: Various
    Team: Luxray, Lucario, Glaceon, Ninetales, Garchomp, and Absol
    Arena: A Frozen Mountain top
    IGN: Dolce, 3DS FC: 4554-1270-5039
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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    I have an idea!

    Budew Lv 10
    Bulbasaur Lv 12
    Cherrim Lv 13
    Badge:Leaf Badge

    Dratini Lv 15
    Gabite Lv 17
    Bagon Lv 15
    Dratini Lv 16
    Badge:Claw Badge

    Monferno Lv 19
    Magmar Lv 20
    Magcargo Lv 21
    Slugma Lv 20
    Badge:Ember Badge

    Kadabra Lv 25
    Unown Lv 23
    Unown Lv 22
    Hypno Lv 26
    Badge: Spiral Badge

    Lickilicky Lv 28
    Lopunny Lv 29
    Urasing Lv 30
    Badge:Star Badge

    Glaceon Lv 32
    Abonasnow Lv 34
    Mammoswine Lv 35
    Badge:Icicle Badge

    Leader: Steela
    Bastidon Lv 37
    Steelix Lv 39
    Magnezone Lv 39
    Lucario Lv 38

    Rypherior Lv 42
    Probopass Lv 40
    Golem Lv 43
    Claydol Lv 41
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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    1 gymleader Esme/flying type/Tornado badge/Morroka city.
    2 gymleader Hannah/phycic type/Dream badge/Madiline city.
    3 gymleader Donnacha/bug type/Beetle badge/Podworth city.
    4 gymleader Orrin/ghost type/Corpse badge/Emoreta city.
    5 gymleader Clove/ice type/Frost badge/Sillesto city.
    6 gymleader Jonathan/dark type/Eclipse badge/Shadow city.
    7 gymleader Lesley-ann/normal type/Saphire badge/Starlight city.
    8 gymleader Frederick/fire type/Briquette badge/Emareld city.

    elite four Birnidette/water type.
    elite four Colm/fighting type.
    elite four Lorraine/dragon type.
    elite four Zeek/electric type.

    champions Minnie and Mali.

    Morroka gym is a maze but their is no ground so your floating on air it is a short maze because it's the first pokemon gym.
    Madiline gym has three rooms each room has three beds but no doors so sleep in one of the beds and apear in a dream if a trainer is in it defeat the trainer to get to the next room the last room has the gymleader in it.
    Podworth gym is a forrest serounded with lots of hidden trainers and trees you have too jump to one tree to another to get to the gymleader.
    Emoreta gym is an abandoned amusment park so to get too the gymleader you have to find these teloportaition pads too get to your destinaition.
    Sillesto gym is a frozen masion just north of the city inside their are slippery floors,giant icicles you have to jump on too get too the gymleader.
    Shadow gym has two doors in each room one leads to a room thats covered in darkness the other leads to a trainer and behind it is the door to get to the other room then the gymleader.
    Starlight gym is a giant fashion school try too get to the top of the school to get to the gymleader before the rings and trainers apear.
    Emareld gym is a coal factory flick the switch's to make a tub of lave fall on the stell door's get too the very end too challenge the last gymleader.
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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    My own set (one of many)


    First Gym - Fighting-Type

    Second Gym - Normal-Type

    Third Gym - Grass-Type

    Fourth Gym - Ice-Type

    Fifth Gym - Ground-Type

    Sixth Gym - Electric-Type

    Seventh Gym - Ghost-Type

    Eigth Leader - Dark-Type

    Elite Four - You can choose the order like in B/W

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    I've been coming up with GLs and E4s for a while now, and I really wanna share!
    First gym! Normal type. Pokemon: Skitty, Cleffa, Jigglypuff. A girl. Named Standra.
    Second Gym! Dark type. Pokemon: Murkrow, Scraggy, Umbreon. A guy. Named Terrence.
    Third Gym! Bug Type. Pokemon: Larvesta, Volbeat, Butterfree, Swadloon A girl. Named Bugina.
    Fourth Gym: Steel Type. Pokemon: Excadrill, Steelix, Magneton. A guy. Named Melvin.
    Fifth Gym: Grass Type. Pokemon: Grovyle, Roserade, Venusaur. A guy. Named Sage.
    Sixth Gym: Fire Type. Pokemon: Monferno, Torkoal, Arcanine, Emboar. A guy. Named Ferno
    Seventh Gym: Water Type. Pokemon: Blastoise, Lapras, Sharpedo, Jellicent female. A girl. Named Sealia
    Eighth Gym: Rock Type. Pokemon: Armaldo, Rampardos, Tyranitar, Kabutops. A guy. Named Dusty.
    Badges: Simple Badge, Pitch Badge, Scurry Badge, Iron Badge, Crop Badge, Inferno Badge, Typhoon Badge, Fossil Badge. E4 coming soon!

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    A region based on Southeast Asia

    First Gym: Yangon (Myanmar)
    Type: Psychic
    Pokemons: Spoink lv14, Woobat lv14 & Swoobat lv16

    Second Gym: Luang Prabang (Laos)
    Type: Water
    Pokemons: Poliwag lv17, Panpour lv19 & Quagsire lv22

    Third Gym: Hanoi (Vietnam)
    Type: Grass
    Pokemons: Roselia lv21, Breloom lv22, Carnivine lv23 & Leavanny lv25

    Fourth Gym: Siem Reap (Cambodia)
    Type: Rock
    Pokemons: Sudowoodo lv29, Lairon lv32 & Rampardos lv33

    Fifth Gym: Bangkok (Thailand)
    Type: Fighting (Triple rotation battle)
    Pokemons: Hitmonlee lv36, Lucario lv36 & Conkeldurr lv36

    Sixth Gym: Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
    Type: Steel
    Pokemons: Durant lv38, Escavalier lv40, Skarmory lv40 & Excadrill lv43

    Seventh Gym: Yogyakarta (Indonesia)
    Type: Ghost
    Pokemons: Jellicent lv45, Dusknoir lv45 & Chandelure lv48

    Eight Gym: Albay (Philippines)
    Type: Fire
    Pokemons: Darmitan lv52, Heatran lv52, Arcanine lv52 & Magmortar lv54

    Singapore is a non gym city.
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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    Quote Originally Posted by cityvillain View Post
    Eight Gym: Albay (Philippines)
    Type: Fire
    Pokemons: Darmitan lv52, Heatran lv52, Arcanine lv52 & Magmortar lv54

    Singapore is a non gym city.
    Very, very creative overall I think it's a wonderful idea, but Heatran is a legendary, should it really be used in agym?

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    Quote Originally Posted by Serperior View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by cityvillain View Post
    Eight Gym: Albay (Philippines)
    Type: Fire
    Pokemons: Darmitan lv52, Heatran lv52, Arcanine lv52 & Magmortar lv54

    Singapore is a non gym city.
    Very, very creative overall I think it's a wonderful idea, but Heatran is a legendary, should it really be used in agym?
    It will be the first, then. lol ^_^
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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    Elite 4 can be weather-themed:
    Hailey - Abomasnow/Froslass/Walrein/Glalie/Castform
    Sonny - Ninetales/Venusaur/Exeggutor/Rapidash/Castform
    Sandy - Hippowdon/Excadrill/Gliscor/Gastrodon/Castform
    Misty(?) - Politoed/Kingdra/Ludicolo/Kabutops/Castform

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    1: Malory(replace the Y with a N and you have a anagram for normal)
    Title: Tough girl next door
    Type: Normal
    Badge: Slate Badge
    Team: Lv 8 Lillipup, Level 10 Skitty, Level 12 Starly
    Tm: Return

    2: Piers (means rock in greek)
    Title: Unweathering Miner
    Type: Rock
    Badge: Canyon Badge
    Team: Level 14 Rogenrolla, Level 16 Onix, Level 18 Archen
    Tm: Smack Down

    3: Dustin
    Title: Sandman
    Type: Ground
    Badge: Desert Badge
    Team: Level 20 Quagsire, Level 22 Sandslash, Level 24 Nidoking
    Tm: Dig

    4: Dale (Sounds like gale)
    Title: Sky Knight
    Type: Flying
    Badge: Cloud Badge
    Team: Level 26 Gligar, Level 28 Fearow, Level 30 Skarmory
    Tm: Sky Drop

    5: Cyan (Comes from Cyanide)
    Title: Chemical King
    Type: Poison
    Badge: Corrosive Badge
    Team: Level 32 Tentacruel, Level 34 Crobat, Level 36 Drapion
    Tm: Toxic

    6: Anne (comes from anima the feminine part of the personality from Jungian psychology)
    Title: Dreamy Maiden
    Type: Psychic
    Badge: Spirit Badge
    Team: Level 36 Gothitelle, Level 38 Gallade, Level 40 Alakazam
    Tm: Psyshock

    7: Samara (Named after the ghost girl from the American version of The Ring)
    Title: Phantom of the Stadium
    Type: Ghost
    Badge: Spectre Badge
    Team: Level 42 Jellicent, Level 44 Chandelure, Level 46 Gengar
    Tm: Shadow Ball

    8: Dante (After the writer of the Divine Comedy where the main character goes to hell)
    Title: Dark Knight
    Type: Dark
    Badge: Void Badge
    Team: Level 48 Spiritomb, Level 50 Scrafty, Level 55 Tyranitar
    Tm: Payback

    Elite Four (Starter type themed)
    1: Nerine (A girl, Comes from Nereide which are female sea nymphs from Greek Myth)
    Type: Water
    Team: Level 58 Empoleon, Level 57 Starmie, Level 58 Gastrodon, Level 59 Gyarados
    2: Leah (A girl, like leaf)
    Type: Grass
    Team: Level 56 Lilligant, Level 57 Ludicolo, Level 58 Ferrothorn, Level 59 Venusaur
    3: Tesla (A girl, Comes from Tesla coil)
    Type: Electric
    Team: Level 56 Electivire, Level 57 Eelektross, Level 58 Rotom (wash form), Level 59 Jolteon
    4: Nova (A guy, Comes from supernova)
    Type: Fire
    Team: Level 56 Ninetales, Level 57 Arcanine, Level 58 Chandelure, Level 59 Infernape


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