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Thread: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    I have a whole gym leader and champion saved from when I was a little younger;

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    Gym1 (Bug)
    Female leader/ messes with accuracy
    -Pineco (13)
    -new Bug/Water mon (15)

    Gym2 (Poison)
    male leader/ fights with Confusion & Toxic
    -Trubbish (20)
    -Nidorina (20)
    -new Poison/Steel mon with Levitate (22)

    Gym3 (Fighting)
    male leader/ raises the Att with X-items
    -Hitmontop (24)
    -2nd evo of new Fighting/Flying mon (23)
    -3rd evo of new Fighing/Flying mon (26)

    Gym4 (Rock)
    female leader/ Reflect is her favourite move
    -Sudowoodo (29)
    -Boldore (31)
    -new Rock type (31)
    -new Rock/Fighting type (32)

    Gym5 (Flying)
    Falk (moved to new region)/ Tail Wind user
    -Pigeotto (34)
    -Gliscor (34)
    -new Poison/Flying mon (35)
    -Pidgeot (36)

    Gym6 (Ghost)
    female leader & male leader double battle/ Curse/Protect strategy
    -Dusknoir (39)/Banette-evo(39)
    -new Ghost/Psychic (41)/-new Ghost/Normal (41)

    Gym7 (Normal)
    male leader/ priority user
    -Exploud (44)
    -new Normal/Steel mon (44)
    -Bouffalant (45)
    -new Normal/Steel evo (46)

    Gym8 (mixed)
    female leader
    can have ANY fully evolved Pokemon from the regional Dex exluding starters and first Route Pokemon. Her signature Pokemon is always the new Heatproof Steel/Ice mon.
    -new Steel/Ice mon with Heatproof (52)

    E1 (Grass) male
    -final Grass starter evo (57)
    -Tangoloss (57)
    -new Grass/Ghost mon (57)
    -Lilligant (59)
    -new Grass/Dragon mon (60)

    E2 (Fire) female
    -final Fire starter evo (57)
    -Magmortar (57)
    -Arcanine (57)
    -new Fire/Steel mon (59)
    -Chandelier (60)

    E3 (Water) male
    -final Water starter evo (57)
    -Lapras (57)
    -Politoad (57)
    -new Water/Fighting mon (59)
    -new Water mon with Sap Sipper (60)

    E4 (Electro) female
    -Electivire (57)
    -Elektross (57)
    -MowRotom (57)
    -new Electric/Dark mon (59)
    -new Fighting/Electric mon (60)

    Champ (mixed)
    -final bird evo Dark/Flying (62)
    -pseudo legendary Dragon/Bug (66)
    -pseudo legendary Steel (66)
    -new Ice mon with Snow Warning (62)
    -new Rock/Poison mon (64)
    -new Ground/Fighting mon (64)

    that was fun ^^

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    Well, last year I created a fake Gen V as a speculation-project of sorts leading up to the real Gen V, and here are the Gym Leaders + E4 I created...

    Gym Leader #1: Reese (Naeshiro ンアエシロ)
    Title: The Gym Leader Rooted To Agriculture and Battle
    Occupation: Gym Leader and Farmer
    Speciality: Grass Pokemon
    Badge: Grain Badge
    Town of Residence: Soothscythe (Oogamasu オオガマス)
    TM Given: TM 122 Ingrain
    Pokemon: Lotad, Soulice, Nihilice
    So, my first Gym Leader was created due to the complaint that there were no male Grass-type trainers in the game prior to Cilan. He's an old man, around 40 or so, and he dresses like an oriental farmer with a sash as well as one of those conical farming hats. The main crop that he grows is rice which is reflected in his name, design (his hair is white at the, like a rice ball), and his two key Pokemon, a Grass/Electric line I created that are rather esoteric because they're rice Pokemon who gather energy from the sun and release it through their bodies as "soul power", or something weird like that.

    Gym Leader #2: Sawyer (Shoubu ショウブ)
    Title: The Cast Iron Gym Leader
    Occupation: Gym Leader and Museum Owner
    Speciality: Steel Pokemon
    Badge: Blade Badge
    Town of Residence: Honorhilt (Onashiro オナ-シロ)
    TM Given: TM 75 Swords Dance
    Pokemon: Bronzor/Mawile/Squimitar
    Thought it would be pretty interesting to have a Steel Gym Leader so early in the game, and thus Sawyer was born. He's an old, former samurai in a wheel chair who commemorates the past through owning a museum...ironically enough, the REAL 2nd Gym Leader of Gen V is a museum owner as well so, heh. Fitting his samurai theme, his main Pokemon is a Water/Steel squid Pokemon who has swords for arms.

    Gym Leader #3/4: Pietra (Mekusa メクサ)
    Title: The Picturesque Gym Leader Cut from Stone
    Occupation: Gym Leader and Sculptor
    Speciality: Rock Pokemon
    Badge: Bust Badge
    Town of Residence: Marblemill (Dairiseki ダイリセキ)
    TM Given: TM 69 Rock Polish
    Pokemon: Nosepass/Graveller/Archatrice
    I was hoping that Gen V would be a bit less linear, so I thought it would be neat if Gyms 3 and 4 could be done in any order. Pietra is the default 3rd I guess, and she's a young woman who doubles as a sculptor. She basically uses her Gym Leader position to inspire her art, crafting sculptures based off of her challengers, and her gym would be located within a giant statue. Her main Pokemon, Archatrice, was a Rock/Flying archaeopteryx Pokemon who served as a counterpart to Aerodactyl...and, hey, Gen V gave us one of those! Mine, however, was single-staged and didn't have Defeatist...instead it had an ability that increased its power when it was struck by Super Effective attacks because it "evolved" in order to resist that weakness in the future or something.

    Gym Leader #4/3: Ike (Ringo リンゴ)
    Title: The Coolest Gym Leader Ever
    Occupation: Gym Leader and Snowboarder
    Speciality: Ice Pokemon
    Badge: Alpine Badge
    Town of Residence: Mt. Prism (Prism Mountain プリズムやま)
    TM Given: TM 110 Ice Ball
    Pokemon: Spheal/Chillopod/Avalaunch
    The other 3rd/4th Gym Leader, Ike was interesting because he has no official Gym...instead his gym would be a slalom atop a mountain and you would literally battle him while snowboarding down the side of a cliff, although it was an aesthetic-only effect. Anyway, he's a snowboarder and I guess you could compare him to Brawly. Chillopod is a Bug/Ice millipede that disguises itself as a snowman's head to avoid predators, and Avalaunch is an Ice/Fire Pokemon based off of a Russian satellite mixed with a comet. He was a pretty esoteric and oddball Pokemon like Nihilice, basically, but I kind of liked him.

    Gym Leader #5/6: Isis (Amelia アミーリア)
    Title: The Ace of the Infinite Sky
    Occupation: Gym Leader and Pilot
    Speciality: Flying Pokemon
    Badge: Jet Badge
    Town of Residence: Glideglen (Soratani そらたに)
    TM Given: TM 139 Air Slash
    Pokemon: Farfetch'd/Gliscor/Burleagle/Fulglimpse
    Gyms 5 and 6 could also be done in any order, and Isis was the "normal" route in a way. She's a military pilot as opposed to a commercial pilot like Skyla, and she's the top aerial ace in the whole region. Burleagle is a exercise-crazed eagle (although he resembles the chicken-hawk from Looney Toons moreso) that is Flying/Fighting, and Fulglimpse was pure-Flying and based off the cryptic Rod as well as the abstract painting Bird in Space, and it basically looked like a giant glowing banana-feather.

    Gym Leader #6/5: Paulino (Renge レンゲ)
    Title: The Battling Poet of Few Words
    Occupation: Gym Leader and Poet
    Speciality: Normal Pokemon
    Badge: Season Badge
    Town of Residence: Gardengate(Joumori ヨウモリ)
    TM Given: TM 77 Psych Up
    Pokemon: Keckleon/Ditto/Smeargle/Personymph
    The other 5th/6th Gym Leader, he is a poet who writes haikus and such...not much more to it than that. Unlike previous Normal Gym Leaders, he ditches the normal-normal types and instead focuses on the gimmicky Normal Pokemon. Personymph, a little fairy fellow not unlike Victini, has an ability that changes his stats (bar HP) to match the foe. So, he's somewhat like a different Ditto, although he keeps the same move set and typing, and his appearance does not change. He was inspired by the Persona video-games, and he has a butterfly mask as a reference to Psyche in Greek myth.

    Gym Leader #7: RoseBolts (DENKOU BARAIRO デンコウバライロ)
    Members: Alycia (Bana バナ)/Cyrano (Ragi ラギ)/Desiree (Ina イナ)/Colin (Romu ロム)
    Title: The Electrifying Sound of a New Generation
    Occupation: Gym Leader and Band
    Speciality: Electric Pokemon
    Badge: Flashing Badge
    Town of Residence: Bluebulb (Aoirie アオイリエ)
    TM Given: TM 112 Thunder Clap
    Pokemon: Pachirisu/Ampharos/Exploud/Paparumpum
    As an interesting idea, you fight all four of these Gym Leaders at once, although the battle doesn't change's basically still a four-on-four. They're a rock band, as you can probably tell, and Alycia is there leader. Paparumpum is an Electric/Ground Pokemon based off the taiko drums as well as the Japanese mythical being Raijin who wielded thunder drums, and thus it utilizes sound moves which fits the band theme.

    Gym Leader #8: Conrad (Toratsue トラツエ)
    Title: The Honorable Dirty Fighter
    Occupation: Gym Leader and (Former) Con-man
    Speciality: Dark Pokemon
    Badge: Dark Badge
    Town of Residence: Drillden (Dorirudou ドリルドウ)
    TM Given: TM 123 Night Slash
    Pokemon: Mightyena/Shiftry/Drapion/Sableye/Alcatora
    REVERSE GIOVANNI, Conrad's Gym is located in an early town yet you don't get to fight him till the end because he is in jail because he's the leader of the evil team...although, in reality, the police set him up in order to protect the true evil team leader as they are on their payroll. He's a former convict, however, who reformed and now runs a fact, the trainers in the gym are actually former convicts on parole! Safe? No, but who cares. Alcatora is a giant Dark/Steel tiger who's literally binded to a giant iron ball which it wields around, inspired by Chang Cohen from King of Fighters.

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    (A bit off-topic but: I always wanted a region with only Gen 1 Pokémon)

    No on-topic:

    Gym Leaders:

    Gym Leader 1: Terrance. (Terra (Latin for Earth + Terrance is a name)
    Gender: Male.
    Type: Ground.
    Badge: Terra Badge.
    Pokémon: Diglett (Lv.12) Sandshrew (Lv.14).

    Gym Leader 2: Vuur. (Means Fire in Dutch)
    Gender: Female.
    Type: Fire.
    Badge: Red Badge.
    Pokémon: Vulpix (Lv.18) Ninetales (Lv.21).

    Gym Leader 3: Merlin. (The Wizard)
    Gender: Male.
    Type: Psychic.
    Badge: Eye Badge.
    Pokémon: Kadabra (Lv.21) Mr.Mime (Lv.20) Alakazam (Lv.23)

    Gym Leader 4: Medusa (From the Medusa legend)
    Gender: Female.
    Type: Poison.
    Badge: Snake Badge.
    Pokémon: Arbok (Lv.29) Koffing (Lv.24) Muk (Lv.29)

    Gym Leader 5: McFlower. (Do I even have to say it again?)
    Gender: Male.
    Type: Grass.
    Badge: Scent Badge.
    Pokémon: Gloom (Lv.37) Gloom (Lv.37) Victreebel (Lv.39) Vileplume (Lv.43)

    Gym Leader 6: Stella (From star)
    Gender: Female.
    Type: Electric.
    Pokémon: Pikachu (Lv.38) Jolteon (Lv.37) Staryu (Lv.38) Raichu (Lv.43)

    Gym Leader 7: Neptune (The Sea God)
    Gender: Male.
    Badge: Aqua Badge.
    Type: Water.
    Pokémon: Staryu (Lv.42) Psyduck (Lv.40) Golduck (Lv.42) Vaporeon (Lv.47)

    Gym Leader 8: Rocky (From Rock)
    Gender: Male.
    Badge: Fossil Badge.
    Type: Rock.
    Pokémon: Onix (Lv.45) Golem (Lv.42) Kabutops (Lv.44) Omastar (Lv.45) Aerodactyl Lv.50

    Elite four:

    Number 1: Venus (Names after the god)
    Gender: Female.
    Type: Dragon.
    Pokémon: Charizard (Lv.56) Seadra (Lv.54) Dragonair (Lv.53) Dragonite (Lv.56) Dragonair (Lv.54)

    Number 2: Spike. (Spi(rit) and just Spike)
    Gender: Male.
    Type: Ghost.
    Pokémon: Haunter (Lv.53) Gengar (Lv.55) Gengar (Lv.55) Gengar (Lv.56) Marowak (Lv.58)

    Number 3: Souledad (From Soledad and Soul)
    Gender: Female
    Type: Fight.
    Pokémon: Hitmonchan (Lv.56) Hitmonlee (Lv.56) Machoke (Lv.55) Primeape (Lv.58) Machamp (Lv.60)

    Number 4: Siegfried (lolIunno)
    Gender: Male
    Type: Ice.
    Pokémon: Jynx (Lv.62) Dewgong (Lv.56) Dewgong (Lv.56) Cloyster (Lv.58) Lapras (Lv.60)

    Champion: Jessie and James (Yes, I know what you think: "what, those 2?") Well: They were once gym leaders for a while, so why can't they be the champion?)
    Gender: Male and Female.
    Type: Farious.
    Pokémon: Victreebel (Lv.61) Lickitung (Lv.59) Arbok (Lv.61) Weezing (Lv.61) Persian (Lv.65) Zapdos-(If the player chose Squirtle)-Moltres (If the player chose Bulbasaur)Articuno(If the player chose Charmander)(Lv.63)
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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    Quote Originally Posted by Evan! View Post
    I love coming up with the names more than anything. :U

    Shane, Gym Leader number one. Specializes in Dark-types. Hands out the Dusk Badge and the Embargo TM.
    Nikole, Gym Leader number two. Specializes in Electric-types. Hands out the Electro Badge and the Charge Beam TM.
    Ashton, Gym Leader number three. Specializes in Fire-types. Hands out the Wildfire Badge and the Overheat TM.
    Giosetta, Gym Leader number four. Specializes in Ghost-types. Hands out the Shadow Badge and the Shadow Ball TM.
    Vinnie, Gym Leader number five. Specializes in Grass-types. Hands out the Synthesis Badge and the Energy Ball TM.
    Rochelle, Gym Leader number six. Specializes in Rock-types. Hands out the Mantle Badge and the Rock Slide TM.
    Whitaker, Gym Leader number seven. Specializes in Normal-types. Hands out the Square Badge and the Facade TM.
    Amelia, Gym Leader number eight. Specializes in Flying-types. Hands out the Limitless Badge and the Acrobatics TM.

    10 points for you if you want to try your hand at the Gym Leader names's puns.
    Okay, I'll try:

    Shane--one letter from "shade."

    Nikole--from Nikola Tesla

    Ashton--has "ash," which is what fire leaves behind.

    Giosetta--sounds kinda like "ghost;" is it Italian?

    Vinnie--from "vine"

    Rochelle--from "rock"

    Whitaker--masculine of "Whitney," another Normal specialist

    Amelia--obviously Amelia Earhart
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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    ----- My Super Awesome League -----
    Gym 1: Marina - Water Gym - Staryu, Finneon, Buizel
    Gym 2: Trey - Dark Gym - Scraggy, Purrloin
    Gym 3: Isis - Ice Gym - Glaceon, Froslass
    Gym 4: Heather - Flying Gym - Staravia, Tranquill, Tailow
    Gym 5: Marv - Ground Gym - Hippopotas(x2), Krokorok
    Gym 6: Electra - Electric Gym - Emolga, Pikachu, Jolteon, Pachirisu
    Gym 7: Flare - Fire Gym - Ninetales, Magmar, Arcanine
    Gym 8: Shadow - Ghost Gym - Gengar, Haunter, Ghastly

    E4 1: Willow - Grass - Leafeon, Maractus, Whimiscott, Lilligent, Simisage
    E4 2: Steele - Steel - Steelix, Mawile, Klingklang, Bisharp, Bronzong
    E4 3: Selena - Bug - Vespiquen, Volcarona, Masquerain, Heracross, Scizor
    E4 4: Draco - Dragon - Dragonite, Garchomp, Haxorus, Salamence, Flygon

    KayKay (Me) - Various - Empoleon, Luxray, Roserade, Staraptor, Rapidash, Lucario


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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    I'll give a cookie jar to someone who can guess the puns of my Gym Leaders an E4s names... :D

    Current White team:

    No Wi-Fi.... T_T

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    I'll put just the gym leaders

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    The Lorrna Region
    Gyms in order:
    1) normal – Joana (female)
    Lilipup, bidoof, zigzagoon
    shiny badge

    2) bug – Mickey (male)
    Wurmple, cascoon, butterfree
    silk badge

    3) Rock – Lachlan (male)
    Anorith, kabuto, archen
    fossil badge

    4) Ghost – Tanya (female)
    Mismagius, haunter, lampent
    parranormal badge

    5) Psychic – Tula (female)
    Kirlia, garifarig, musharna
    dream badge

    6) Steel – Boris (male)
    Steelix, metang, skarmory
    sturdy badge

    7) Ground – Danielle (female)
    Nidoqueen, vibrava, torterra
    crust badge

    8) Dark – Darkkon (male)
    Zoroark, absol, honchkrow
    night badge

    Elite 4:
    1) grass – Kimmy (female)
    Venusaur, meganium, ludicolo, shiftry, abomasnow, lilligant

    2) Water – Styler (male)
    Empoleon, samurott, kingdra, slowking, seaking, wailord

    3) Electric – Karman (female)
    Raichu, galvantula, jolteon, magnezone, manectric, rotom

    4) Ice – Richet (male)
    lapras, glaceon, mamoswine, froslass, weavile, beartic

    fire – Donavon (male)

    Houndoom, chandeolure, volcarona, charizard, infernape, heatran

    The champ is also the leader of team Molten who want to end the world in fire and chaos creating a new planet ablaze like heat of destruction, by taking over the legendary monster said to live on the outskirts of the Pokémon league’s volcanic basin.

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    Gym leaders:

    Rosie/The sweet aroma girl/Grass/Herbal badge/ Budew, Shroomish, Roselia/ One room, lots of bushes, three flowers are in the room's bushes. press a button on them to unlock the gate to the leader. click on the wrong bush, and a grass pokemon will attack.

    Fanter/The invisible wonder/ghost/invisible badge/ Gastly gastly duskull/ You have to run after Fanter. If you get too close, he will become invisible and pop up on the opposite tile in the room. The rooms are connected by a one-tile narrow path. Now there are two ropes. Get Fanter out of the first room, and pull the first rope. A boulder will fall on the path. do it again,and he will be trapped.

    Shado/The dark Gamer/dark/Shade Badge/Houndour Sneasel Absol/You are stuck in a very small room with no light what so ever. Find the door. Go in, and do the same thing, but with a bigger room. And the same thing, but with a bigger room. Then, you reach Shado.

    Dojun/The Karate Master/Fighting/Taekwondo badge/Machoke and Hariyama, Poliwrath and Primeape, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan (he double battles)/ This one is very straightforward. One room, with punching bags, facing a door, is a button. But, the button is very hard to push, so you must punch the pnching bag hard enough to hit the button.

    Frost/The Freezing-cold beauty/ice/Tundra Badge/Piloswine Smoochum Sneasel Jynx/ There are ice skating floors, and icy bouldery things. crash into them, and youll shatter them.

    Zapper/The shocking motorcyclist/ Electric/ Energy Badge/Electabuzz Jolteon Raichu Luxray/ There are cracked tiles, like the ones from Pokemon R/S/E's Sky tower, and you must step on the rocket skating boots, to get to the next door.

    Blazery/The fiery battler/ fire/ Comet Badge/Flareon Magmar Charmeleon/It's straightforward, a glass floor, under it showing lava. Just go through it and beat the trainers.

    Mindel/The Telekinetic Wizard/steel/ Harmony Badge/ Slowbro Jynx Gardevoir Gallade/You must answer answer machine on the doors, to get through.

    Elite Four:

    Arseni/ poison/Muk Arbok Weezing Weezing Venomoth Drapion

    Normina/normal/ Chansey Ursaring Togekiss Staraptor Pidgeot Blissey

    Ryorn/ steel/ Skarmory Aggron Metagross

    Orion/ Swellow Tropius Pelipper Skarmory Staraptor Charizard

    Champion Ryan/none/Rhyperior Magmortar Electivire Blastoise Umbreon Charizard


    Rosie: Roserade Breloom Cradily Cradily Tropius Roserade
    Fanter: Gengar Gengar Sableye Dusclops Dusclops Dusknoir
    Shado: Houndoom Weavile Cacturne Shifftry Crawdaunt Absol
    Dojun: Machamp and Primeape, Hariyama and Poliwrath, hitmonchan and Hitmonlee (leveled up alot)
    Frost: Glalie Mamoswine Froslass Jynx Weavile Jynx

    the rest is going to be done later...

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    Interesting thread, here's mine:

    Elite #1
    Grass Specialist

    Elite #2
    Fire Specialist

    Elite #3
    Water Specialist

    Elite #4
    Electric Specialist

    Champion: Me
    All Around Battler

    Not enough time for gym leaders.

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    I like the idea of Pokecharms trainer cards, so I'm gonna follow suit.
    All their names are meaningful and I tried to make their typing varied.

    Elite 4 Weisse (Ground-type)

    Elite 4 Geles (Ice-type)

    Elite 4 Illuma (Psychic-type)

    Elite 4 Wells (Steel-type)

    Champion Victoria

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    1. Sparky-/The shockingly strong kid!
    Pokemon: Blitzle Lv. 12, Pikachu Lv. 14
    Badge: Lightning Badge
    TM: Thunder Wave
    Quotes: "Hi! I am Sparky, the leader of this city (forget name)! I like Electric types! They're so cool!" prior to battle
    "Uh oh. This isn't good..." First non-OHKO move
    "This one'll win it!" After sending in last Pokemon.
    "My Pokemon are shocked out... but.. I... will... keep.. going! Last Pokemon, under half HP.
    "Awww! I lost! Anyway, (player) you are a great trainer! You defeated my ultra-strong electric Pokemon! Since you beat me I'll give you the Lightning Badge! It lets Pokemon up to Lv. 20 obey you! Also take this- it's my favourite TM, Thunder Wave. If it hits, it instantly paralyzes the target! How awesome!"- when you win.
    Gym puzzle: Rather simple. There are those Chargestone Cave rocks that you push and they eventuly lead you to Sparky. There are 2 trainers along the way.

    I'll do more after.

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    Default Re: Your Own Gym Leaders And Elite Four

    Here's mine. Just as a note, their last pokemon listed is their main one.

    Gym #1
    Lacey (F) - Normal Type
    Lillipup (M), Furret (F)
    Reward: Work Up

    Gym #2
    Tyrone (M) - Ground Type
    Sandile (M), Sandshrew (M), Gligar (M)
    Reward: Dig

    Gym #3
    Isaac (M) - Poison Type
    Grimer (M), Trubbish (M), Venonat (F), Nidorino (M)
    Reward: Venoshock

    Gym #4
    Greyson (M) - Ghost Type
    Haunter (M), Misdreavus (F), Spiritomb (M)
    Reward: Shadow Ball

    Gym #5
    Amber (F) - Fire Type
    Charmeleon (F), Numel (F), Magmar (M), Lampent (F)
    Reward: Flamethrower

    Gym #6
    Skip (M) - Bug Type
    Leavanny (F), Scyther (M), Beautifly (F), Beedrill (M), Scolipede (M)
    Reward: X-Scissor

    Gym #7
    Derek (M) - Dragon Type
    Fraxure (M), Dragonair (F), Garchomp (M)
    Reward: Dragon Pulse

    Gym #8
    Colette (F) - Ice Type
    Beartic (M), Sealeo (F), Dewgong (F), Jynx (F), Froslass (F)
    Reward: Blizzard

    Elite 4 #1
    Wade (M) - Water Type
    Lumineon (F), Quagsire (M), Lanturn (M), Ludicolo (M), Gyarados (M)

    Elite 4 #2
    Melinda (F) - Psychic Type
    Gothitelle (F), Alakazam (M), Chimecho (F), Espeon (F), Gardevoir (F)

    Elite 4 #3
    Hank (M) - Steel Type
    Bastiodon (M), Steelix (M), Bronzong (M), Skarmory (M), Scizor (M)

    Elite 4 #4
    Dylan (M) - Dark Type
    Umbreon (M), Krookodile (M), Honchkrow (F), Absol (M), Houndoom (M)

    Naomi (F) - No Type Specialty
    Breloom (F), Mienshao (F), Haxorus (M), Archeops (F), Rapidash (F), Samurott (M)

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