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    Default Your Dream (Gym) Team

    Now, I know many will be thinking Pokémon exclusively, but who hasn't thought about it before? Because I have and I'd totally do a rock hard steel gym with lots of buff trainers. ANYHOO.

    No. This was a thought I had when watching a video about Gym LEADERS. I wondered, if you were Champion or whatever of your own little island region and you had to call various gym leaders that ACTUALLY exist (no fan made), based on their personalities and parties (meaning their B/W2 PWT parties), who would you recruit, and in what order? You don't need to be specific or anything! I think if I did it'd be in the order of:

    I. Flannery: She seems like she can give a lot of tips for a 'newbie gym' and wouldn't have impossible but not pushover mons
    II. Liza & Tate: Seems like a fun combo and they would be a good work out
    III. Pryce: I like his attitude. It was toss up between him and Candice, but the original ice leader it is
    IV. Chuck: I love his little chub and he... well, it's Chuck. I don't know what else to say
    V. Lt. Surge: Always been a fan of the Lightning American <3
    VI. Juan: I was really, REALLY torn between him and Crasher Wake, but Juan has more elegance and I remember when I was younger I crushed on him pretty hard.
    VII. Drayden: I'll admit, he's here just because of my crush on him. I can't stand the dragon type personally
    VIII. Clay: just because he amuses me so much and I love his city and the way he runs things. How can you not love a tycoon type? He seems pretty boss to me.

    Well, there is my list. Kinda sad that aside from Flannery, Liza and Tate, Pryce and Clay I picked my crushes over possibly actual OTHER gym leaders who might make a funny mold in this group. It's horribly unbalanced as far as gender goes, too. How sad :I

    Oh, well! I hope a thread like this hasn't been done yet!! If so, I'm sorry!
    Well, what about you all? I'd love to know your 'dream gym leader line-up' if you could pick for your own league

    Elite Four.. maybe another day.

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    Default Re: Your Dream (Gym) Team

    The awesome men. Including, but not limited to their looks. What can I say? I'm a fangirl. lol
    We'll we'd need Volkner, Burgh, Cheren, Wallace, Falkner, Why did Steven and Lance have to be Champions? and I guess I should throw in a couple females for gender quota. Uh... Iris because she's awesome, Roxie because she's a freaking rock star, and Winona because I always liked her design art. And yes, I know I have two flying-type trainers on there. But it's my league so deal with it. XD

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    Default Re: Your Dream (Gym) Team

    I would choose out of Eevee and its Lutions types (Dark doesn't exist, so I am going with Flying)

    Electric: Lt. Surge (better than Volkner for me)
    Water: Marlon
    Fire: Flannery
    Grass: Cilan
    Ice: Candice
    Normal: Norman
    Psychic: Tate/Liza
    Flying: Winona

    I got a scum result on that bush! LYNCH IT LYNCH IT LYNCH IT!

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    Default Re: Your Dream (Gym) Team

    I would recruit.

    1. Falkner
    2. Lenora
    3. Janine
    4. Flannery
    5. Gardenia
    6. Marlon
    7. Morty
    8. Clair

    Elite 4:

    1. Lorelei
    2. Will
    3. Grimsley
    4. Bertha

    CHAMPION: Cynthia

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    Default Re: Your Dream (Gym) Team

    1. Burgh
    2. Candice
    3. Marlon
    4. Elesa
    5. Byron
    6. Flannery
    7. Morty
    8. Winona <3

    Elite 4:

    1. Phoebe
    2. Aaron
    3. Karen
    4. Drake

    Champion: Me, I guess? :)


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