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  • Gary (Blue)

    13 7.39%
  • Silver

    7 3.98%
  • Brendan

    23 13.07%
  • May

    30 17.05%
  • Wally

    36 20.45%
  • Barry

    14 7.95%
  • Cheren

    12 6.82%
  • Bianca

    41 23.30%
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Thread: Worst Rival

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    Default Re: Worst Rival

    Blue in first place with Bianca in second and Brendan/May in third

    Blue - bland and flat character. And the "Smell ya later!" catchphrase, it's funny the first few times but it gets old real fast. Not to mention, he's an ass. Granted, so is Silver but at least he develops over the course of the game.

    Brendan and May - Utterly forgettable.

    Bianca - yeah, her ditziness got annoying really fast.
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    Default Re: Worst Rival

    All the "rivals" from Ruby/Sapphire (Wally/Brendan/May). I don't even consider them as rivals. They are extremely useless. They began the terrible idea of making friendly rivals. You don't even get stimulated to compete against rivals like that. The lack of agressiveness of the rivals since them makes me really miss Silver.

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    Default Re: Worst Rival

    Hmm... Actually, there wasn't a particular rival I didn't like. I enjoyed everyone here and I liked the range of personalities they had from rude (Blue) to funny and ditzy (Bianca) to friendly and helpful (Brendan) to serious and smart but kind (Cheren). I also really like Wally from RSE because he seemed like a weak and quiet person but ended up being really hard to get past at the end of Victory Road. I can't say anything about Silver since I never played that generation.

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    Default Re: Worst Rival

    I...honestly found Cheren and Bianca kinda silly, but I feel like one of the very few that do. And I guess Barry to some extent? I'm not a huge fan of the childhood rival theme, so I suppose that's why. I'm more of a fan of rivals such as Blue. Wally was....okay I guess, not too bad, not excellent either, I suppose. Best rivals for me would be the rival from HG/SS and Blue imo.

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