What Pokemon books do you like?

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Thread: What Pokemon books do you like?

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    Default What Pokemon books do you like?

    I'm always a guy who sometimes finds it more relaxing to use an old fashion database known as the book.There's far too many I own than I should post about inorder to keep this brief so I'l just mention my two most important:

    I've had this book before I even got my first Pokemon game. It wasn't much use since Emerald war my first, but it taught me some of the basic ideas and concepts of Pocket Monsters altogether.

    This book has all sorts of useful charts that helped me in Emerald before I effectively learned to use the internet to find these things. Since then I havn't needed to get many guide books, but this was a great book and it's been worn down by years of use which to me means that it has done its job.

    (Also I'm hoping this is the most ideal subforum to discuss this)
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    Default Re: What Pokemon books do you like?

    Definitely the Pokemon Gold and Silver guide. I took that thing with me EVERYWHERE when I was a kid. What I like about it is that it shows the rosters for every single trainers Pokemon. All the campers, youngsters, hikers, TR grunts, all of them. It was very helpful for me as a kid and I love the simple design of the book.

    I also like the "Official Pokemon Handbook" a lot :)

    There used to be a book that was a guide to the TCG. It also had some pages in the back about Pokemon snap. I loved that book but I can't find it anymore :(


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