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  • Rocket

    104 42.98%
  • Magma

    13 5.37%
  • Aqua

    13 5.37%
  • Galactic

    100 41.32%
  • J

    37 15.29%
  • Cipher

    40 16.53%
  • Snagem

    10 4.13%
  • Go-Rock

    3 1.24%
  • Dim Sun

    9 3.72%
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Thread: What evil team you think is most evil?

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    Default Re: What evil team you think is most evil?

    Team Rocket

    A wise man once said Bin ladin and Voldemort may be dead but Team Rocket is still at large.
    The team

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    Default Re: What evil team you think is most evil?

    Rocket are simply a band of thieves. Pretty solidly in violation of the law, but nothing on a terrorist scale (most of the time).
    Aqua and Magma amounted to eco-terrorists, but came off as just very extreme in their views and reformed at the end of their story.
    Galactic was more outright villainous, but the only truly "evil" person in their group happened to be the leader - their scientists expressed regret and the team in general ceased their activities without him.
    Plasma had the redeeming factors of both of the previous two - extremist and led entirely under the misdirection of one man. Ghestis is still probably the single least redeemable character in the games.
    J seemed like an out-and-out poacher, and (from what I hear) was surprisingly violent for being on the TV show. She has nearly no moral ground from what I can tell, even if she doesn't commit anything large scale.
    Cipher/Snagem were like Team Rocket, but with the added horror of the whole shadow Pokémon concept. Like a worse version of Team Rocket, and quite possibly the most "evil" team.
    Can't vouch for any of the others.

    So, Hunter J would likely be the one with the least morally redeeming factors. If you were to count individual leaders, that might change, but she's got the other poll options beat.

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    Default Re: What evil team you think is most evil?

    For me Hunter J does not count as she was only one person and she was simply an immoral leader (she does have credit of trying to kill someone, the problem is that most people think that Pokemon is a children game and show so as a result villains are not normally allowed to try to kill people) of a small band of poachers not a full scale criminal organization like Team Rocket.

    I would say the most evil team on the whole (as in all the members have little or no redeming factors would have Cyhper and followed by Team Rocket
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