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    Quote Originally Posted by ZMT123 View Post
    No. Just no. The only things I would maybe want is an adult protagonist and jobs. Keep everything else to other games. This is Pokemon.
    Machop and voltorb own the construction heck telekinetic pokemon could do this effortlessly
    Electric pokemon run the power industry
    Any psychic pokemon is a better detective than a human

    Quote Originally Posted by MizuTaipu View Post
    Blood? Ew. Drugs and alcohol? Ew. Death? Ew. An adult protagonist? YES.
    Yes blood would make it more mature idk about drugs n alcohol though

    Quote Originally Posted by coolcatkim22 View Post
    It wouldn't work. The focus would be too split and reality does not mix well with fantasy unless the fantasy was created from the beginning to mix with reality but Pokemon was not.

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    it would be interesting. Not saying it would work. Just saying it would be interesting.

    Fornow, I'll stick with traditional pokémon.

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