The Weekly Pokemon Quiz.
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    Default The Weekly Pokemon Quiz.

    Hello people. I have decided to make a pokemon quiz where I will add new questions weekly, that explains the name!
    Post your answers and every Sunday, I will announce the winners!
    So shall we go on to it? *Invisible crowd* Yes!

    1. Which 4 pokemon have a base stat total of 498?
    CLUE: Three are 5th gen pokemon.
    2. Which pokemon's base stat total is it's national pokedex number?
    CLUE: It is a 5th gen pokemon.
    3. Which poison type pokemon can breed, but it's evolutions can't?
    4. In the movie "The Rise of Darkrai", what is the name of the piece of music that calms down Palkia and Dialga?
    5. Which pokemon can sometimes even change gender when it evolves?
    CLUE: It's a 3rd gen pokemon.

    Good luck guys.
    These are some of my sprites you can request some at me and Mr. Slowpoke's sprite shop.


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    Default Re: The Weekly Pokemon Quiz.

    This is really more blog material. MAYBE Fun and Games.


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