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    Pumpkin Unknown Glitch Pokemon

    Okay, so I tried out random Gameshark codes on the emulator Pokemon Red.

    It spawned a juggler- and his first Pokemon was a glitchy that had the sprite of Tentacruel.
    I searched this one up- the first couple of digits were matching to the Tentacruel glitch Pokemon, but then the Pokemon had a picture digit that didn't match the one on Bulbapedia.

    It was level 111.

    This was Bulbapedia's glitch tentacruel:rbglitchnamedd.png

    And this is mine:

    Oh, and by the way, here is the GameShark code, for reference:

    Notice that the little green square is missing from my Tentacruel glitch.

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    Probably an error in the emulator, you can never trust those things.


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